Chip Seal

If you're sick and tired of your dusty gravel or dirt driveway or old, cracked pavement, M. Carroll Blacktop Service also specializes in a lower-cost alternative to traditional asphalt paving known as "Chip Seal" or "Tar & Chip" paving. One big benefit is that it's often a fraction of the cost of regular asphalt or concrete.

Tar & Chip / Chip Seal Paving your driveway, parking lot or ranch road is a great alternative to concrete or hot mix asphalt, often costing half as much! The best way to describe this terrific type of pavement is "Economical, practical & beautiful." By choosing this great paving method, you'll add to your property's value, appearance and functionality.

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Chip Sealing, or Tar and Chip, involves spraying a hot rubber-based emulsion onto the surface, then immediately spreading a layer of uniformly-sized aggregate chips. The hot rubberized asphalt emulsion retains flexibility and will not bleed through the aggregate overlay. The new surface is rolled to seat the aggregate. After a very short curing time, pavement is swept of excess aggregate and is ready for use.

Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Tim Carter, also known as "Ask The Builder," absolutely loves Tar and Chip driveways. He calls them "a dynamic, beautiful surface." Read his column all about Tar & Chip paving to learn more.

Tar & Chip is so durable & economical that it's used on hundreds of miles of highways in Alaska (including the Alaska Highway), the Yukon Territory and British Columbia. Ease of application is one reason for Tar & Chip's popularity, along with attractive appearance, ease of maintenance, durability and very competitive price.

  • Often Half the Price of Traditional Asphalt
  • Choose Your Own Driveway Color
  • Superior Traction, Even When Wet
  • Attractive Look of Natural Stone
  • Easy Installation Saves Time & Money
  • Durable and Easy to Maintain

Tar & Chip Seal Driveway Paving Specialists

One highly desirable attribute of Tar & Chip pavement is the ability to choose the color of your driveway simply by selecting the color of the stone that is used. This allows you to easily choose a driveway color that complements the colors of your house and landscaping.

Texas Tar & Chip paving is referred to by a wide variety of regional terms: "chip seal paving"… "chip and seal"... "shoot & chip"... "sprayed seal" and others. Whatever name you use, M. Carroll Blacktop Service will make your driveway practical, durable & beautiful for much less than you'd expect for such a superior type of pavement.

M. Carroll Blacktop Service has extensive experience installing Tar & Chip Seal driveways and ranch roads for over 45 years. Contact us today to learn more about this beautiful, cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt paving or concrete.

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