What Causes Your Asphalt to Deteriorate

What Causes Your Asphalt to Deteriorate

What Causes Your Asphalt to Deteriorate

When your asphalt surfaces are not properly maintained or protected, they can suffer from damage over time. Cracks, distortions, and breaking asphalt are just a few signs that your asphalt is beginning to deteriorate. As experts in asphalt paving in Lodi, CA, we understand how to properly care for your asphalt to prevent premature damages. Although it is possible to prolong the lifespan of your asphalt with the right maintenance, your asphalt will always be susceptible to certain types of deterioration. These are a few common causes of asphalt deterioration and damage.


Exposure to UV rays is unavoidable in the state of California, and this can take a toll on the quality of the asphalt. The strong rays of the sun can dry out the asphalt through a process known as oxidation. This process causes the asphalt to shrivel up and separate, which can cause extensive cracking and potholes that can allow water to seep in and cause damage. To protect your asphalt from the damages of the sun, you need to routinely apply a layer of sealcoating each year.

Poor Installation

Faulty installation is another reason why your asphalt may deteriorate before it should. Choosing the right paving contractors ensures that your asphalt will last much longer and stay in optimal shape without damage or deterioration. Quality paving contractors that are both reliable and experienced will help to minimize the chances of faulty installation.


Once your asphalt ages and begins to crack, water can seep into these cracks and cause extensive structural damage. Water can cause damage that compromises the integrity of your pavement, which can lead to extensive deterioration that requires replacement. Avoid water damage by routinely sealcoating your asphalt and protecting the interior structure from premature deterioration.

Heavy Traffic

Traffic flow can also impact the quality of your asphalt. Although asphalt is an extremely durable paving material, it can still only withstand so much weight. When your roadways or parking lots are constantly hosting large vehicles, like tractor trailers or trucks, your asphalt may deteriorate sooner than expected. To prolong the asphalt, you should consider ways to vary up the traffic by parking in different spaces and protecting your asphalt with sealcoating.

Chemical Exposure

Exposure to chemicals, such as gas and motor oil, can also damage your asphalt surfaces. These harsh chemicals can dissolve the asphalt by softening the top layer, especially if you have not protected it with sealcoating. Proper cleaning can prevent these issues from developing by rinsing the chemicals off your surface and avoiding them from pooling on the surface and causing damage. Although it may seem unavoidable when vehicles are constantly parking or driving on your pavement, you can take these preventative measures to keep it clean and prevent chemicals from sitting for too long.

By understanding the causes of asphalt damages, you can make the right steps to protect your asphalt. With the help of our professionals in asphalt paving in Lodi, CA, you can keep your asphalt in better condition for a longer time. Contact our team at M Carroll Blacktop to hear about our asphalt paving and repair services today.

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