Tips to Keep Your Asphalt Paved Surfaces Looking Good As New

Tips to Keep Your Asphalt Paved Surfaces Looking Good As New

Tips to Keep Your Asphalt Paved Surfaces Looking Good As New

Every homeowner wants to ensure their property is well-maintained and looks good as new. One of the critical aspects of home maintenance is taking care of asphalt paved surfaces. Whether it's your driveway, parking lot, or walking path, asphalt surfaces will start to erode over time. A properly maintained asphalt surface can last for many years, whereas a poorly maintained one can start to crack, break, and develop potholes. In this blog, we will provide some useful tips to help prevent asphalt erosion and damage, so your pavements always look and function their best.


1. Regular Cleaning & Maintenance 

To keep asphalt surfaces in good condition, regular maintenance is necessary. The first step towards this is picking up any debris like twigs, leaves, and other items from the surface periodically. The second step is to clean the pavements periodically with pressurized water. Allowing dirt and small stones to accumulate can cause an erosion pattern to develop, leading to unevenness in the surface. You should typically aim to clean the surface at least once a year, depending on the amount of traffic.

2. Repairs & Sealing 

Repairs are another important part of asphalt maintenance. Cracks and potholes can pop up due to varying temperatures, soil conditions, and traffic. It's essential to repair these as soon as possible before they turn into bigger problems. You may want to consider seal coating for an added layer of protection against the weather and wear and tear.

3. Asphalt Patching 

Asphalt patching is another way to fix potholes, cracks, and other damage. This process involves filling in the damaged areas with new hot-mix asphalt or cold patch. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to opt for a full depth patching.

4. Regular Inspections 

Regular inspection is key to ensuring your asphalt surfaces don't suffer from severe damage. You can periodically inspect the area yourself or hire a professional to do this for you. Routine inspections help you detect problems early enough to prevent more significant damage from occurring.

5. Hire A Professional

Asphalt maintenance is not a job for everyone, and you may want to hire professionals to do this for you. They will have the right equipment, experience, and expertise to ensure the maintenance work is done correctly and swiftly. With the right maintenance schedule and routine, trained professionals will help prolong your asphalt surface's lifespan.



Maintaining an asphalt surface is a considerable investment, but it's worth it to avoid costly repairs in the future. Regular cleaning, repairs, sealing, inspections, and hiring professionals can ensure that your asphalt paved surfaces stay in top condition for as long as possible. At M. Carroll Blacktop Services, our team of experts can assist with all types of maintenance and repairs relating to asphalt paving in Sacramento, CA. Contact us today for a free quote and see what we can do to make your surfaces look good as new.

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