Why Parking Lot Striping and Painting is Important

Why Parking Lot Striping and Painting is Important

Why Parking Lot Striping and Painting is Important

The safety of your customers is first priority when you own a business. Keeping your customers safe involves ensuring that you follow safety standards and keep up with the maintenance of your property – both inside and out. When you invest in a paved parking lot, you also want to have parking lot striping and painting to enhance the efficiency of your exterior. As experts in asphalt paving in San Antonio, TX, we perform routine parking lot striping to keep your parking lot functional and safe. These are a few of the key reasons why parking lot striping is important for your business.

Improves Safety

Parking lot striping is important to establish clear guidelines and expectations for your customers. By ensuring that you have stripes to line each parking space, you keep everyone organized when they are driving through your parking lot. This includes painting for pedestrian crosswalks, traffic patterns, handicap spaces, and more. When you ensure well-defined and clear parking spaces, you keep everyone safe when they travel to your business.

Maximizes Parking Lot Space

If you have a paved parking lot, you should also paint parking spots, pedestrian walkways, and other features to maximize the space and efficiency of your lot. These paintings not only keep everyone safe, but they make sure that the parking lot is functions at optimal capacity. Without parking lot striping, your customers may park every which way, which can decrease the amount of parking available each day.

Clean Appearance

A clean, polished paved surface also boosts the curb appeal of your entire business. When customers arrive at your business, they will immediately see how clean and attractive your parking lot, sidewalks, and exterior surfaces are. This will show them that you value your business and take great care of your facilities, which will give you a good reputation and a great first impression.

Reduces Liability

If an accident happens on your property, you will likely be liable for any damages or injuries. This can occur when a pedestrian is struck in a poorly painted crosswalk or when vehicles collide due to lack of traffic flow. When this occurs, you may be susceptible to a costly lawsuit that could have been avoided with proper painting and established traffic patterns.

Enhances ADA Compliance

Businesses also need to consider compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This often involves creating clear handicap spaces for these customers by marking the parking lot with the appropriate labels. You need to have the proper number of handicap spaces at your business in order to stay in accordance with this act. Be sure that you check out ADA regulations before striping your parking lot to keep your business compliant.

By keeping up with your parking lot maintenance with striping and painting, you can ensure that your customers are safe while in your care. If you are looking for experts in asphalt paving in San Antonio, TX, trust M Carroll Blacktop. Contact us to get a free estimate for your paving jobs today!

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