Why Asphalt is the Eco-friendly Paving Choice

Why Asphalt is the Eco-friendly Paving Choice

Why Asphalt is the Eco-friendly Paving Choice

Are you looking for a paving material that will both enhance the appearance of your exterior but also benefit the environment? Look no further than asphalt. When you choose asphalt paving in San Antonio, TX, you can enjoy all the perks of a paved surface without any of the drawbacks on the world around us. By doing your part and choosing recycled and repurposed materials, you can feel good about the investments you make. These are a few environmental benefits of choosing asphalt as your paving material of choice.

Environmentally Friend Manufacturing Process

When you invest in a paving material, you may wonder what process is required to make it. Making asphalt is one of the cleanest processes in the paving world, as it focuses on well-maintained, low emissions during the process. In fact, emissions from asphalt manufacturing have lowered tremendously over the past 30 years, making it rise as the eco-friendly option in the paving industry.


Do you dislike wasteful products? Asphalt is the perfect option for you. When you invest in asphalt, you should know that the asphalt itself can be recycled over and over again, repurposed, and reused many times. It also uses many other materials that are commonly recycled, such as rubber tires, roofing shingles, and glass products that have been processed and repurposed. With over 99% of asphalt recycled each year, it has become one of the most popular recycled products on the market.

Locally Sourced

If you love supporting the local economy, you will also love your asphalt pavement. Anytime you want to keep your money in the local economy, you should talk to your paving contractor to ask them where their asphalt is sourced. Often times, you can find that paving contractors used locally recycled materials to create asphalt and keep it inside the community. It also saves you money on the entire process, as you do not need to pay many travel fees to get the materials to your home or business.

Regulates Temperatures

Many paving materials actually increase the temperature of cities and areas where many paved surfaces are located. This can lead to the heated feeling of many populated areas, which can be noticeable to those spending time there. However, asphalt has a cooling effect on the areas around it, which are extremely beneficial to the environment. The porous nature of asphalt allows it to lower the temperatures at nighttime, which leads to a more regulated atmosphere. Frankly, it is also much more comfortable to spend time on the blacktop.

When you choose asphalt, you help the environment by opting for recycled and repurposed material. This can help to reduce the carbon footprint, which has lasting benefits on the environment. If you are looking for quality asphalt paving in San Antonio, TX, trust the team at M Carroll Blacktop.

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