What You Should Know about Protecting Your Asphalt

What You Should Know about Protecting Your Asphalt

What You Should Know about Protecting Your Asphalt

Your investment in asphalt surfaces is an important one. Having a smooth, safe parking lot to welcome customers also keeps business booming and ensuring the safety of those on your property. Over time, you asphalt is susceptible to damages from weather exposure and constant traffic. This can degrade the quality of your pavement, causing both safety issues and eyesores that take away from your curb appeal. As experts in asphalt paving in Austin, TX, we understand the importance of protecting your asphalt. These are a few things you should know about protecting your asphalt surfaces around your business.

Fix Potholes

Potholes occur when moisture seeps into your pavement, which is common when the temperatures change or when your asphalt ages. As temperatures change, the water inside the pavement contracts and expands, which weakens the pavement and makes way for potholes. Eventually, the asphalt will crumble and fall apart. Because potholes can be both hazardous and distracting, they should be repaired by professionals in a timely manner. They will often fill and patch potholes to create a smooth and safe paved surface.

Cracks Require Extensive Repair

Cracks in your asphalt can also be extremely damaging to your asphalt, as they will allow water to penetrate the surface and cause internal damage. When you notice any cracks, you should act quickly to seal these areas to prevent water erosion. If these cracks persist and water damages the base layers, they will require extensive repair from the professionals in order to restore the quality of your asphalt.

Do Not Neglect Faded Lines

Parking lot striping is also essential to the function of your parking lot. Customers expect clear instructions on how to enter and drive safely through your parking lot, and this is often accomplished with parking lot painting or striping. It is important to alert your customers where to park, walk, and drive when they come to your business. If you have faded lines, they may get confused or even park and walk in unsafe areas. This can result in injury or accidents that you may be liable for.

Routinely Clean Your Lot

You should also keep your parking lot and sidewalks clear of trash, dirt, and other debris by engaging in routine cleaning. Make sure that you clean your parking lot with a broom or pressure washer at least once a year. If customers notice that your parking lot is full of dirt, stains, or trash, they may think that you do not value your business. Also, by routinely cleaning your parking lot, you also decrease the oil and grime that can cause damages to your asphalt surfaces, which can save you money on repairs.

By protecting your asphalt with routine care and maintenance, you can save money and time by ensuring that your business can stay functional and attractive. If you are looking for experts in asphalt paving in Austin, TX that also offer repair and maintenance, you want to trust the team at M Carroll Blacktop. Contact us to hear more about our commercial asphalt services today.

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