Understanding When You Require a Quick Fix or Total Replacement

Understanding When You Require a Quick Fix or Total Replacement

Understanding When You Require a Quick Fix or Total Replacement

Your asphalt pavement is predisposed to various disorders, like gaps, holes, bumps, etc. You can fix some of these things with a straightforward procedure, like filling the crack or mending the hole, but other issues indicate more serious structural problems. You can't just fix the asphalt and do business as usual; you'll need to employ an asphalt contractor to replace the pavement.

Before you begin experiencing anxiety attacks over the cost associated with fresh asphalt paving, you should contact a contractor to discover if you can manage with a straightforward asphalt repair first. According to our experts on sealcoating in Lodi, CA, here are a few items you and your contractor need to consider when choosing between asphalt restoration or new pavement:


In a perfect world, you will have a large enough budget to protect whatever work is needed, whether an extensive repair or new paving. Sadly, most of us don't live in a perfect world. Most of us have deep financial limitations when making expensive restorations or significant purchases.

Your asphalt contractor may inform you that you need new pavement, but if you don't have the funding to cover it, you might get away with some restorations that offer you a few more months or years of vitality out of the paving.

Harshness of Damage

Sometimes, you may have no alternative but to fund new asphalt paving. However, if the impairment is too extensive or intense, you cannot repair it without compromising your pavement's structural integrity. On the other hand, the price of fixing the pavement may be more than replacing it if the deterioration is too significant or too severe.

You'll need to have a contractor assess the impairment. Normally, any void or crack more significant than a quarter inch indicates that there is already ample damage to your pavement. However, the contractor can tell you what you're up against and show you some alternatives and prices.

Pavement Age

When your automobile reaches a particular age, you know it's not worth restoring it since you won't have many more miles from it anyway. The same is correct for your pavement. If it is near the end of its lifespan, it's not intelligent to fix it. Aging pavement does not have sufficient life left to make rehabilitation worth it, and it is likely too brittle to tolerate the repairs. The substrate will be compromised, showing new damage in no time.


You might not get by with a repair job if you have severe traffic in your parking area or pavement. A superficial patch, for example, cannot resist the stress that excess traffic places on it. Therefore, you will need to make another restoration very quickly, or your pavement will experience more extensive deterioration.

A patch may be alright if you're okay with making several back-to-back repairs. Just understand that you'll conserve money in the short term but pay much more in the long term.

These are just a few things to consider when determining whether you need a quick asphalt repair or complete replacement. Contact us today for more information on paving or sealcoating in Lodi, CA,

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