Understanding Asphalt Milling Services

Understanding Asphalt Milling Services

Understanding Asphalt Milling Services

Commercial properties depend on parking lots for curb appeal and functional utility. However, old, worn-out parking areas are unattractive and pose safety risks and potential legal disadvantages. For these grounds, preserving your building's parking area is essential to keeping your property secure and usable.

All asphalt exteriors eventually arrive at the end of their functional lifespan. Still, you have numerous options for dealing with a parking lot that's not secure or appealing. According to our experts on sealcoating in Lodi, CA, the most straightforward resolution is an overlay, which implicates installing a fresh asphalt layer over the current one, but this isn't great for every circumstance. Milling is an excellent option if an overlay does not work for your case.

What Is Milling?

Milling is resurfacing that involves ripping up and reusing the current surface. Milling is separate from the overlay procedure, in which contractors establish a new pavement layer over the current parking lot surface. When your parking lot is milled, contractors remove a substantial portion of the upper layer of pavement. Still, the portion milled will vary based on the state of your parking area.

Milling has many advantages over other types of asphalt replacement. Since you're substituting the whole upper layer of asphalt, you'll rejuvenate a smooth and refreshed parking lot exterior. Also, unlike adding a fresh asphalt layer, there's no chance of previous defects impacting your new pavement. If your sublayer stays solid, milling can make your parking area as good as new again.

Even better, milling is a sustainable form of regeneration. If you remove only the top layer, your contractor will carry the millings away for recycling. However, for more in-depth milling, you can reclaim the remains of your old parking lot to create a new base for your asphalt. Either way, the milled material is not wasted.

When to Consider Milling

Milling is a parking lot replacement, so it's not something to plan regularly. Instead, if your lot has only insignificant or scattered issues, then spot repairs and patching might be a more suitable solution. Similarly, parking areas where most of the surface stays in good condition might be better served by resurfacing without milling.

Milling works best when the current surface is nearly unsalvageable. This situation may arise because the pavement is far beyond its reasonable lifespan or because you've overlooked existing damage. Adding a new asphalt coating might not fix severe issues, driving your new exterior to look unattractive or fail more quickly.

This approach is practical when your parking lot exterior is no longer completely even. Adding new paving to the surface of an irregular lot seldom solves the problem, while milling permits a degree of regrading. In addition, deep milling to the bottom or subgrade layers can allow you to manage drainage issues or other problems with your parking lot foundation.

We hope this helps you better understand asphalt milling. Contact us today for more information on sealcoating in Lodi, CA.

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