Three Ways to Protect Your Asphalt from Summer Dangers

Three Ways to Protect Your Asphalt from Summer Dangers

Three Ways to Protect Your Asphalt from Summer Dangers

A smooth, clean paring area is an invitation for consumers to get off the road and come spend a little time in your store. But, during the summer, your asphalt pavement may experience issues that make it challenging to drive over. Even minor damage can leave your lot looking worn and old, giving customers the impression that you don't really care for your store either. When your parking area is subject to heavy traffic, a significant storm, or a heatwave, it is essential to scrutinize it and find any cracks and chips. This is not required daily, but you should do it following specific weather events. Our experts on asphalt installation, repairs, and sealcoating in Tracy, CA, offer these ways to protect your asphalt from summer hazards.

When it gets too hot outside

When you experience an unusual heatwave in your area, keep an eye on your lot daily. If you see a crack develop, call an asphalt paving professional to take care of the damage right away to prevent the damage from getting worse. Vehicles can easily drive over a minor crack, but it is not as simple for them to move over lumps of buckled or crumpled asphalt that have been neglected for long periods.

When it rains

Adequately paved asphalt parking lots can generally withstand rain, but heavy rains, especially on lots with cracks, can be devastating to the pavement. First, the water can work its way into the cracks and underneath your pavement, washing away the soil and base of your structure. Then, because your parking lot surface doesn't have adequate support, it can cave from the pressure of vehicle traffic. Potholes are also a risk with heavy rain. Sometimes the entire base is not washed away, but loose pieces of pavement get chipped away from heavy vehicles traveling over the pavement, leaving behind potholes. Be sure to call a paving professional to take care of any water-related damage right away to avoid more comprehensive and costly repairs down the road.

When it hails

If a hailstorm pummels your area, you may need to inspect your parking lot depending on the size of the hail. Tiny hailstones will not usually cause damage and will melt quickly and drain into storm gutters. Medium-sized hail is unpredictable. It is wise to give your parking lot a thorough inspection if the hail is large enough to cause any damage to vehicles. It can be helpful to have a paving professional inspect the area to ensure the storm did not breach your sealant layer. Large hail is another story entirely. These hailstones have the potential to damage buildings, cars, and paving. If your asphalt already had any damage from excessive rain or heat, hailstones will only worsen things. Call a paving professional right away if you have experienced large hail to repair any damages to your pavement to avoid untimely replacement costs.

These are just a few ways to protect your asphalt from summer dangers and damages. Call us today for asphalt paving, repairs, and sealcoating in Tracy, CA. We have the experience and expertise to handle your commercial or residential paving needs.

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