Three Tips for Paving Safety

Three Tips for Paving Safety

Three Tips for Paving Safety

It is essential to take certain safety precautions when paving a busy parking lot to protect workers, pedestrians, and drivers from unnecessary dangers. Our contractors receive annual safety training to ensure they are up to date on safety standards, and we have periodic refresher meetings throughout the year. In addition, our experts on asphalt paving in Austin, TX, recommend these tips for paving safety.


It is essential to ensure plenty of barricades and cones are available to enclose the area safely and prevent traffic from entering. If you are working at night, you must have plenty of light in the area you are barricading for paving. You can also use caution tape and string to block off sections of the work zone. Ensure that the secured area is large enough to keep outsiders at a safe distance from work in progress and machinery. It is critical to maintain a safe space to prevent exposure to debris, dust, fumes, sparks, and open flames from your construction zone.


All workers must dress in proper safety attire that keeps them visible to others inside and outside the work zone. This should include vests with reflective tape and brightly colored shirts. In addition, workers should have easy access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), like earplugs, hard hats, safety glasses, work gloves, steel-toed boots, etc., to help prevent injuries and keep them safe on the job.

Traffic control

Ensuring proper traffic control is crucial for safety. Having a flagger directing traffic or posting directional signs can keep people outside your construction zone. Additionally, it will help others recognize that there is a work zone, and they should use an alternate route or slow down. Specify exit and entry points for your equipment and trucks to prevent collisions and other accidents from happening on your work site. Even when your workers know where they should go, the general public can become easily confused without proper guidance.

Follow these three tips for optimal safety in a paving work zone. First, have plenty of cones, barricades, rope, and caution tape to block off your work area. Be sure to have ample light on-site if you plan to work at night. Workers need to be prepared with plenty of PPE like safety vests, ear and eye protection, boots, gloves, etc., to stay safe. In addition, the contractor you decide to work with should be fully licensed and insured to protect workers, pedestrians, and drivers in case of an accident or injury.

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