Three Tips for Finding the Best Asphalt Company

Three Tips for Finding the Best Asphalt Company

Three Tips for Finding the Best Asphalt Company

It is easy to Google asphalt companies in your area but finding the right asphalt service for your needs is not always so simple. So before booking a company for asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, for your residential or commercial paving project, here are some things you need to know.

Get numerous bids

The first step for clients looking for a commercial asphalt paving contractor is to get multiple bids for roadway and parking lot Paving sealcoating and asphalt repair. Initially, it would be best to get different quotes from various companies. Then you can cross-check the diverse proposals. Do plenty of research to get a job cost estimate but do not always jump on the cheapest bid you are given. Don't forget you get what you pay for. So, getting a more affordable deal is not always the best deal. Remember that the best paving contractor will send a team to your property to measure and examine the site before providing any bids for your paving project. Conversely, a paving contractor who bids on your paving project without site inspection will likely provide less than quality work. When a paving service offers you a fair estimate, you should compare their services with a handful of other local companies before signing a contract.

Check their website

Any reputable paving contractor will have a website to visit. They will also usually have a page on their site dedicated to projects they have completed in the past. Recently, we have discovered that many paving companies are taking images from asphalt companies in other states and claiming the work as their own. The best way to determine whether the project actually belongs to the paving company you are researching is to look for the business or client name on the project you are looking at. It is a red flag if you cannot find the name of the client or business. If you do find the name of the company or client, give them a call to confirm who completed their paving project. Mid-size and small businesses usually make this process easy and are happy to share the details with you. However, large corporations are not generally willing to share such information. In such cases, you can contact the paving company and request a contact email for the company to confirm their work.

Confirm their reputation

Once you have an asphalt company or two in mind, it is essential to look into their reputation. You can ask business associates, friends, and family if they have had any experience with the paving contractor or if they know anything about the quality of their work. In addition, you should check out their Google and Facebook reviews to see what their customers thought about working with them. Also, it never hurts to go to the Better Business Bureau website to check for any complaints that may have been filed against them.

Follow these tips for finding the best company for asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. Then, call us today for all of your asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance needs.

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