Three Reasons to Service School Parking Lots in the Summer

Three Reasons to Service School Parking Lots in the Summer

Three Reasons to Service School Parking Lots in the Summer

By nature, educational institutions have plenty of vehicle traffic coming from the parking lot, even public schools. Various vendors, staff, administration, teachers, students, and parents use school parking lots to keep their vehicles secure while they do business on campus.

Over the life of a school parking lot, the asphalt paving will need maintenance, repairs, and repaving. Just as summer leads to a collective sigh of relief for most students who have been looking forward to a break, it is also the best time to take care of asphalt paving maintenance and repairs. Our experts on asphalt installation, repairs, and sealcoating in Livermore, CA, present the following reasons that summer is the best time for caring for your school parking lot.

Mild temperatures and weather are ideal for repairing cracks

The summer break is perfect for shelving school supplies and heading to exciting summer vacation. The summer months bring ambient temperatures above freezing but typically well below steamy heat in our area. This cooperative weather helps deal with asphalt cracks. The best time to work with asphalt is May through October overall. This is because precipitation is less likely to impede the setting of crack repair materials, allowing them to cure for a few days. In addition, cold temperatures are less likely to freeze and crack asphalt materials, interfering with their ability to set correctly. The best temperature range for working with asphalt is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which typically falls within the summer months here in Livermore.

Asphalt services displace fewer people

While most kids get to take the summer off of school, a few unlucky adults and students hang around to take and teach summer school classes, prepare schedules for the coming year, clean up, finalize grades, and attend training meetings. Summer months mean far fewer people around the school to be affected by asphalt paving services. This is helpful because many types of crack filler should not be walked on right away. The materials can be tracked into the building on people's shoes and make a big mess. Most asphalt services prohibit foot traffic until they are adequately dried or cured. It is also dangerous to handle or be near asphalt without the proper protection. Uneducated watchers can inhale hazardous chemicals or fumes if they eat or drink close to where asphalt is being worked. In addition, physical contact with asphalt materials is dangerous and can burn or irritate the skin. This makes it best to complete school parking lot asphalt services in the summer to discourage pedestrian interference or danger.

An empty parking lot is valuable

During the summer months, the inactivity at schools guarantees a near-empty parking lot that is ideal for asphalt projects. Fewer people on campus mean fewer vehicles, and the cars that are there can be easily rerouted to park elsewhere if you need the entire parking lot cleared. In addition, empty parking lots present the perfect opportunity for inspecting the asphalt surface to determine its health, making it easy to identify problems from oxidation, cracking, potholes, or loose aggregate that require repair or replacement.

These are just a few reasons to service school parking lots in the summer. Contact us today for asphalt installation, repairs, or sealcoating in Livermore, CA. We have the experience and expertise to handle your commercial or residential paving needs.

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