Three Potential Reasons Your Parking Lot is Covered in Puddles

Three Potential Reasons Your Parking Lot is Covered in Puddles

Three Potential Reasons Your Parking Lot is Covered in Puddles

Puddles occurring in the center of your parking area are not a good signal. They provide the impression that your commercial parcel is ill-maintained and aging, which can negatively affect your property worth. Our experts on asphalt paving, repairs, and sealcoating in San Antonio, TX, offer commercial paving solutions across Texas for all your asphalt issues. Contact us now to get a quote.

Do you wonder about the reasons why these pools unexpectedly occurred on your paved structure? It is because your asphalt pavement is encountering some problems. Below are three potential reasons why your parking lot is littered with puddles.

Inadequate Drainage

Spring and summer in San Antonio and surrounding areas bring plenty of rainfall, and we sometimes see a bit of snow and ice during the winter months. This precipitation means particular attention needs to be provided to drainage when installing an asphalt structure. Before the sub-base induction, pavers should confirm that a proper drainage design is in place. They must correct the grade, slope, and drainage, and if feasible, use porous asphalt materials so stormwater quickly drains off the asphalt pavement instead of inducing deterioration.

Ruts and Compaction

Bypass keeping heavy equipment in the parking area for long periods. Be certain heavy-weight vehicles aren't parked in the exact spot each day or aren't left there for days. These mistakes will lead to compression of that spot, inducing the development of depressions or ruts on the paved surface. Then, when it rains or the parking lot gets washed, water collects in these ruts, creating puddles. If these puddles do not get dried out, they will evolve into more extensive damages like cracks and potholes.

Grade Depressions

Inconsistent or inadequate compaction during the asphalt paving method can also compel depressions and puddles to develop on the surface. The pavement's sub-base must be sufficiently compacted to produce a smooth and precise footing for the structure. An asphalt parking area with a well-compacted sub-base creates a more robust and smoother consistency that is naturally less inclined to ruts and grade depressions.

These problems are occasionally due to insufficient or unstable compaction during the paving operation. Therefore, before the pavement is installed, contractors must evenly and smoothly compress the sub-base or foundation beneath the existing asphalt. A well-compacted sub-base directs a smoother, more robust asphalt structure that is less inclined to grade depressions and ruts in the future.

This problem must be rectified from the sub-base or footing of the structure because even if you somehow repair the depressions on the exterior by adding more material or spreading a patch, pools and pits will keep popping up in your parking area in the future unless you have proper repaving completed.

Since a horrible paving job is a direct cause behind the emergence of pools, make sure you employ the right company for all your commercial paving undertakings. We offer asphalt paving, repairs, and sealcoating in San Antonio, TX, for your paving needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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