Three Major Problems Asphalt Driveways Face

Three Major Problems Asphalt Driveways Face

Three Major Problems Asphalt Driveways Face

Asphalt driveways are gorgeous additions to every home. However, they can also become significant eyesores if they experience issues that you fail to prevent or resolve. Our experts on asphalt paving, repairs, and sealcoating in Copperopolis, CA, offer the following problems your asphalt driveway may face.


When you notice that your once-perfect asphalt driveway is experiencing crumbling, you probably wonder how it happened, whether it can be repaired, and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. Crumbling asphalt paving occurs for a variety of reasons. They may be associated with the structural layers, driveway sealant, traffic patterns, weather, or temperature. Regardless, crumbling on your asphalt pavement is not something you should completely ignore. Instead, you should address the problem quickly. In many cases, a crumbling driveway is an extensive repair job because professionals have to clean, fill, and seal your pavement. As a result, you may need to avoid driving on it for a certain amount of time, and if it is too severely damaged, it may require complete replacement.

Preventing crumbling is not always easy. New asphalt drives can crumble quickly when their subbase is not robust, so always hire highly-rated, reliable paving professionals to avoid that crumbling risk. Outside of that, timely sealcoating, restricted use, and quality maintenance are beneficial in keeping your pavement unbroken and robust over time.


If you have begun to notice cracks in your asphalt pavement, you might believe that they are no big deal. However, even minor damages can evolve into major structural issues down the road when neglected. Cracks are often caused by shifting ground beneath your asphalt's structure, a high water table, or inadequate compaction. Regardless of the cause, you need to address them as soon as you notice them. In addition, sealing cracks can often top the damage in its tracks and help prevent costly future repairs.

It is usually possible to prevent cracks from forming. Cracks are entirely preventable with regular cleaning and sealcoating in Copperopolis, CA. In addition, park your vehicles in different areas of your driveway to avoid the asphalt softening and sinking under the vehicle's weight over time.


If you hate driving over potholes on roadways, imagine how much more frustrating they are in your own driveway. No matter where potholes are, they can ruin your vehicle's shocks or alignment, chip or scrape your car's body, damage its exhaust system, or cause flat tires and damaged rims. Potholes are famous for developing after extensive snow or rain. A combination of moisture freezing, expanding, and melting with heavy vehicle traffic can cause potholes to form and worsen over time. Damage that begins as a minor inconvenience can quickly develop into a significant concern without proper repairs and precautions. If you notice pothole formation on your pavement, now is the best time to repair the problem. A paving professional can evaluate the damage and determine the best course for repair.

These are just a few of the problems your asphalt driveway might experience. Contact us today for commercial or residential asphalt installation, repairs, or sealcoating in Copperopolis, CA.

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