Road Rules: Proper Parking Lot Etiquette

Road Rules: Proper Parking Lot Etiquette

Road Rules: Proper Parking Lot Etiquette

If you are a business owner or a big-name retailer with a commercial parking area, then you know that parking lots can be crazy and dangerous sometimes. People are much more likely to ignore that stop sign on your lot than the one on the street. Sometimes you have to wonder why you even put up signage if people are going to ignore it. Parking lot rules are some of the most basic and rely upon a person’s common sense even when they are not clearly posted. Our experts on asphalt paving in Oakdale, CA, are here to remind you of basic parking lot etiquette.

Drive in the right direction

Many people in parking lots do not seem to pay any attention to directional arrows and will happily drive in the wrong direction down a one-way aisle, but this dramatically increases the risk of an accident. It is essential to care about moving in the right direction to avoid a preventable fender bender. Most parking lots even have arrows pointing you in the right direction that should be very simple to follow. Pay attention to these arrows and drive in the right direction so everyone using the parking lot can get around efficiently and safely. Please.

Use your turn signals

Turn signals are as helpful in a parking lot as they are when driving on the road. Using your blinkers in a parking lot may help you get that parking space you are waiting for, especially in busier times, like holidays. Turn signals are to help others know what to expect from you. For example, use your caution signals to indicate that you are waiting to pick someone up in front of the store, or use your turn signal to let vehicles behind you know that you are waiting for a parking spot someone will pull out of. Let others see the direction you intend to go with your blinkers, even in parking lots. These signals can help other vehicles and pedestrian traffic within the area.

Practice considerate parking

Courteously parking your vehicle is ideal. Unfortunately, some drivers arrive in a parking lot while having a bad day or in a hurry to get somewhere. Such distractions can lead to lousy parking practices. Some drivers want you to notice their car or choose to park in two spaces to avoid having their vehicle dinged or scratched. We wish you (you know who you are) would try parking further away from the busy sections instead of taking up two prime spaces. A little extra exercise never hurt anyone, right? Parking in the middle of a parking space will allow plenty of room for others to park on both sides of your vehicle. This makes it easy for them to get in and out of their car without hurting themselves.

If you have an extended van, longer than usual truck, or oversized vehicle, make sure you are not sticking out past the parking spot or park your automobile away from other traffic. If you have a mini-vehicle or motorcycle, do your best to align your bumper with the other vehicles around you to help other drivers see that the space is not open. This will keep them from trying to whip into the space and damage your vehicle. The general idea is to be polite. Make sure you are parked considerately before you leave the parking area.

Obey speed limits

Speeding rules for traditional roadways also apply in parking areas. Many parking lots have speed limits posted, but if they don't, you should keep your speed at 15 MPH or under for the safety of yourself and others. Parking lots are usually full of people, young and old, so you should always be alert and aware of your surroundings. The key to parking lot speed is to go slow, so you do not endanger anyone's life.

If you follow these suggestions, the parking lot can be safe for you and others. And, if you need asphalt paving in Oakdale, CA, M. Carroll Black Top Service is here to help. Contact us today for a free quote for all your paving needs.

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