Questions to Ask Before Sealcoating Maintenance

Questions to Ask Before Sealcoating Maintenance

Questions to Ask Before Sealcoating Maintenance

Sealcoating is a critical protective action for your asphalt pavement. As soon as your asphalt is laid, oxidation begins, and oil and water can seep into the pores and gradually deteriorate the pavement. In addition, changes in the California temperature cause pavement to fatigue and crumble. Sealcoating helps prevent and delay these processes, giving your pavement a more extended lifespan and significant structural stability.

Before hiring an expert on sealcoating in Lodi, CA, to complete the sealcoating, you must understand the process better and ask relevant questions to guarantee the job gets done accurately. Here are some questions you ought to ask:

What Planning Should I do before Sealcoating?

Experienced paving contractors understand that proper planning is required for adequate sealcoating. The coating will not adhere correctly or provide protection if certain conditions are not met.

You and the contractor should plan your project around expected temperatures and climate conditions, the time of day or days of the week your pavement experiences the least traffic, and materials you need for your pavement based on traffic patterns, the regional climate, and your budget. For example, California pavement experiences intense heat in the summer, so you must get coating materials that can withstand the elements.

What Preparations Should I Perform?

The asphalt needs preparation before you can apply the sealcoating. To begin, it has to cure appropriately. You cannot sealcoat newly laid asphalt. You must delay at least a month or two for the asphalt to cure before applying the sealcoating. You also must evaluate the asphalt to decide what restorations need to be made before sealcoating. Sealcoating cannot be placed over cracks, gaps, and other deterioration. You must fill these sites and mend them. Once your asphalt is in good condition, you'll have to wash it and clear any debris before proceeding. Ask the contractor about the procedure for restoring the asphalt and what methods and materials will be employed to correct any damage.

How Will You Manage the Project?

Your asphalt contractor will set up barriers, manage traffic, and guard the work area while applying sealcoating. Ask how they will manage the project to address these variables. In addition, you should ask how many coats will be utilized for the undertaking. Most professionals recommend at least two coats for maximum protection.

What Steps Do I Take after Sealcoating is Finished?

The sealcoating needs proper time to dry and cure. Otherwise, it will weaken and make the asphalt frail. The impacts will be more severe since you'll behave as if the pavement is protected when it isn't.

The right asphalt contractor can plan the sealcoating process appropriately so that the job is complete and the asphalt is ready for use within hours. As a result, you won't have to put your company on hold for many hours, and there will be minimal inconvenience to yourself, your employees, or your clients. You'll also get a stable coating that will protect your pavement for years and save money on possible repairs in the future.

These are a few questions to ask before sealcoating maintenance. Contact us today for more information on sealcoating in Lodi, CA.

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