Questions About Asphalt Paving When Purchasing a Home

Questions About Asphalt Paving When Purchasing a Home

Questions About Asphalt Paving When Purchasing a Home

Are you purchasing a new house with an aged asphalt driveway? If your real estate acquisition includes a less-than-desirable driveway area, consider what you should know about pavement damage, restorations, replacements, and alternatives.

Do You Need to Mend a Damaged Driveway?

The straightforward answer to this query is yes. But this isn't the entire picture. While asphalt is a long-lasting driveway material, it may crack or pit with wear, climate, and usage (mainly if the use incorporates road salt or other deicing products). As a result, what may seem like a few minor cracks can become a more severe problem. This makes it essential to treat all minor and significant damage as quickly as possible.

Contact a qualified contractor for asphalt paving in Lodi, CA, if your prospective house's driveway includes cracks, potholes, or even more minor wear or deterioration. Homebuyers wanting to factor in the expense of restorations or learn more about the scope of the damage will require a pre-sales assessment. Don't depend on a general home inspector to accurately evaluate the costs of asphalt driveway deterioration or suggest restorations or replacements. Only an expert should supply these services.

Failure to mend damage to an asphalt driveway may result in much bigger problems months or years into your new acquisition. Cracks won't remain the same or stop expanding. Instead, these problems will likely grow and generate more concerns for your driveway. If your possible home choice has cracks, potholes, or additional asphalt problems, be ready to restore or replace the driveway.

Can a Damaged Driveway be Repaired?

You can fix some kinds of damage. For example, minor damage that hasn't spread is relatively easy for a skilled paving contractor to fix. A contractor can evaluate the issue and seal the cracks. They can also sealcoat the driveway to lower the chances of future damage and maintain a smooth, consistent surface.

Substantial wear or damage may demand more than filler and sealant. For example, enormous potholes or a spider web of cracks might require a bigger or more complicated fix. If the contractor can't mend the driveway, they will need to replace it. Although some businesses may suggest an inexpensive repaving service (shrouding the top, impaired layer with a new layer of asphalt), this won't always function and may leave your driveway weak.

Imbalance, deep pits, and additional comparable problems may demand complete removal. After the contractor extracts the topmost layer of asphalt, they might need to assemble a new sub-base. This will even out the site and produce a stable stretch for the asphalt.

Who Pays for the Restorations or Replacement?

Your new house is your obligation. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance won't cover wear-related asphalt driveway repairs like storm impairment to a roof. This means you will have to cover the repair or replacement costs.

Do you wish to understand more about your asphalt driveway restoration and replacement opportunities? Then, contact our experts on asphalt paving in Lodi, CA, for more details.

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