Parking Lot Safety in Elk Grove

Parking Lot Safety in Elk Grove

Parking Lot Safety in Elk Grove

If your employees and customers often complain about how dark your parking area gets at night or continually ask you to repair cracks or potholes to prevent accidents and injuries, you may need to think about better parking lot safety. Improving parking lot safety means understanding the best ways to keep your pavement and surrounding areas in optimal condition to prevent car accidents or slip and fall injuries that may pose a liability risk for your company. As industry experts in asphalt paving in Elk Grove, CA, we offer you the following solutions to increase your business's parking lot safety for employees and customers.

Proper parking lot lighting

By using adequate lighting in your parking lot, you will keep your employees and customers safer once the sun goes down. Installing proper lighting to keep corners, shadowed areas, and locations further away from the building well-lit is essential. Providing safe, well-lit parking will entice your customers to visit your facility and feel safe no matter what time it is. Conversely, a dark and scary parking lot area will deter people from feeling comfortable visiting your business at night.

Directional arrows and signs

Every parking lot should feature clear signage and directional arrows to encourage safe navigation. The law requires clear signs for speed limits and accessible parking spaces, but adding signs to identify reserved parking and directional arrows is essential for safe parking lot usage. These signs give your customers and employees a clear understanding of safety directions and traffic flow expectations they should follow when using your parking lot.

Surveillance cameras

If your business is located in an area with an increased crime rate, installing video surveillance equipment in your parking lot is wise. This gives you the ability to monitor any potentially criminal behavior or suspicious activity occurring near your business. The presence of surveillance equipment is also a deterrent for individuals involved with shady dealings or unlawful acts. If a crime does happen, you will have video evidence that can assist with police investigations and maybe even catch criminals in the act.

Landscaping with safety in mind

Avoid planting large shrubs or trees around your parking area that would allow burglars a place to hide and jump out when your customers and employees return to their vehicles after leaving your business. This is especially essential for retail locations because they tend to be targeted for burglary and theft. By only planting flowers and small shrubs around your property, you increase your parking lot visibility and reduce the potential for suspicious and criminal behavior.

Pave Surfaces

If your parking lot surfaces are unpaved, you should consider paving them. Paving surfaces with asphalt is much safer for your customers and employees because they provide a smooth, safe surface to prevent tripping, falling and other hazardous incidents. In addition, paved surfaces make a great impression on your clientele by enhancing your property’s curb appeal with a polished, clean appearance.

These are a handful of easy ways to increase your parking lot safety for customers and employees. If you are anxious about the quality of your asphalt or repairs are needed to fill potholes and cracks, you can seek the services of our experts in asphalt paving in Elk Grove, CA. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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