Parking Lot ADA Requirements

Parking Lot ADA Requirements

Parking Lot ADA Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act was a massive milestone for the people who needed it most and a headache for many property managers required to implement the guidelines. Our experts on sealcoating in Stockton, CA, offer the following information to help you better understand ADA requirements for parking lots.

What you need to know as a property owner

One of the first things to realize is that ADA requirements are federal requirements representing the minimal action that properties must take to accommodate people with disabilities. Local, county, city, or state requirements can be more strict than federal standards. So, while understanding federal requirements is essential, it may not be enough in certain situations.

As a property manager or owner, you should understand ADA requirements because you are ultimately responsible for your property. If your property does not meet ADA requirements, you or your business may be held accountable in court. And while you are responsible for ensuring that the standards are met, it is not up to you to meet them. That is where paving contractors come in. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a paving contractor you can trust to be an ADA expert on your behalf.

Why your contractor should be an ADA expert

A paving contractor that gets paid to maintain parking lots should be an ADA expert with all of the required information at his fingertips or stored in his mind. In addition, his job requires him to deal with ADA requirements on almost a daily basis. Therefore, your contractor should know precisely what you need from a local, state, and federal perspective and be able to detail everything you need and why you need it. If he can't, then you need to find a different contractor. It is vital to know a few of the ADA basics, though, to sift through available contractors and locate one that you can trust to keep your parking lot in compliance with regulations.

How many accessible spaces should your property have?

Every parking lot should have at least one accessible parking space. The number of additional accessible parking spaces you need increases according to your lot's total number of spaces (One accessible space per 25 spaces, two accessible spaces per 50 spaces, etc.). Your parking lot requires at least one van-accessible parking space, but a car space can double as a van space when provided with the correct measurements.

Accessible spaces require specific striping and measurements

The right paving contractor will know the specific details, but adjacent to an accessible space, there must be a no parking area termed an access aisle. This aisle must have crosshatch striped markings. This allows extra room for people with disabilities to move around safely with wheelchairs or walkers once they exit their vehicles.

These are just a few things you need to know about ADA requirements. Contact us today for a free quote for asphalt installation, repairs, and sealcoating in Stockton, CA. We have the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations with every job we complete.

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