Information on Budgeting an Upcoming Asphalt Paving Job

Information on Budgeting an Upcoming Asphalt Paving Job

Information on Budgeting an Upcoming Asphalt Paving Job

Whether you are a municipality interested in making road repairs or a commercial property owner or executive looking to revamp your parking lot, the budget is probably the most critical factor impacting your decision-making. Even though it's never a fun discussion, you must consider some recommendations and best practices when designing a realistic budget for your asphalt paving in Lodi, CA.

Life Expectancy

Asphalt paving can have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years when appropriately installed and invariably maintained. This indicates that you'll have more funding throughout the asphalt's life to finance other undertakings on your parcel or within your city. So do the math by dividing the investment of new pavement by 15, and consider how that yearly breakdown can make space for other improvement schemes.

Time Is Money

You'll want to speak to various contractors before committing to one. Assemble a list of queries for contractors to answer that will allow you to vet their credentials and backgrounds quickly. If a contractor can't respond to all your questions, move on to another, so you don't squander your valuable time questioning contractors that won't provide what you need.

Maintenance Is a Must

You must perform regular maintenance after the asphalt is laid to get a return on your investment. Whether it's your facilities director or a crew of asphalt professionals, someone must complete different jobs on a seasonal and annual basis to keep paving looking new. Spending the funds on maintenance makes up for the expense of restoration or replacement in the future.

Stick With Sealcoating

When teaming up with your contractor, inquire about sealcoating. It's necessary to keep your new asphalt paving in optimal condition for decades. When performed regularly, sealcoating can deliver a list of advantages, including keeping the pavement's appearance fresh and stopping moisture from generating deep cracks. Keep this further cost in mind.

Fill in Often

One of the most significant selling points of asphalt pavement is that you can quickly fill cracks instead of removing and replacing the pavement. If gaps in a parking lot or roads range from ¼" to 1", they need to be filled as soon as possible. Otherwise, moisture can ooze underneath, pushing up the pavement and driving further damage. This isn't costly, but it should remain a line item in your paving budget.

Budget for Big Projects

If you're paving high-traffic sites that get more wear and tear than other locations, consider the cost of restoration at around the 10-year mark. The top few layers of the asphalt should be graded and replaced, and it won't take much time or work. Again, this won't be a considerable cost, but it will affect your overall funding for the project.

Spread Out Costs

No space in the budget for expensive repairs on vast pavement surfaces? No worries — you can spread major asphalt restorations over a few years. The best contractor will work with you to schedule deferred care, working on smaller areas to save money and avoid significant disruptions to companies or municipal roads.

Do the Bare Minimum

So, what if there's no funding for complete repair or replacement on even a tiny part of your asphalt surface? Don't worry. At least call in your asphalt paving professionals to perform minor maintenance like filling cracks or potholes. While these temporary fixes aren't suitable for full-blown repairs or resurfacing, they can provide you some extra time to save up for the larger jobs.

Hire the Right Professionals

Finally, using your funding well means determining the asphalt paving contractors with your best interest and bottom line in mind. It starts with the attitude and value we bring to each project. We retain experienced workers, some with decades in the industry, who have in-depth knowledge of everything related to asphalt projects. In addition, we utilize the latest in paving technology and tools.

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