How to Know When Your Parking Lot needs Sealcoating

How to Know When Your Parking Lot needs Sealcoating

How to Know When Your Parking Lot needs Sealcoating

Every asphalt surface is vulnerable to the adverse effects of heavy traffic, weather elements, and sun. Therefore, it is essential to protect and clean asphalt parking lots with a protective sealcoating layer. As a result, you can adequately protect your asphalt structure from erosion and expensive repairs. In addition, Sealcoating your asphalt will save you money on future maintenance and keep your parking lot looking smooth and attractive. Our experts on sealcoating in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, offer the following signs your parking lot needs to be sealcoated.

Fading to gray

Your parking lot will be a shiny deep black color when you initially invest in an asphalt parking lot. This is because newly installed asphalt parking lots have smooth and sleek appearances. However, your asphalt surfaces can change from smooth and black to a faded gray color over time. You will probably also start noticing granules building up. This means that your asphalt surface's structure is beginning to be compromised. In a case like this, it is essential to have sealcoating applied immediately to preserve the life of your parking lot.

Fissures, cracks, and potholes

 Fissures, cracks, and potholes can indicate more significant problems that require immediate professional attention. Asphalt paving professionals have the experience and expertise to visit your property and repair any fissures, fill in any cracks, and patch your potholes. Maintenance and repair are less severe the sooner that you address asphalt trouble. After these problems have been fixed, it is essential to apply a layer of sealcoating to protect your asphalt surfaces.

Drainage issues

 Poor water drainage can also cause cracks and potholes to form in your asphalt. This damage can make your asphalt ugly and create the potential for accidents and injuries. In addition, water intrusion into internal structures of asphalt can cause the surfaces to degrade and develop into more significant problems. However, once you repair asphalt damages, like cracks and potholes, it is crucial to add a layer of sealcoating to protect the surface in the future.

Asphalt weakness

 Asphalt that is leaning or has weak spots signals your asphalt structure has become compromised by the elements. It is vital to seek the advice of an asphalt professional to see if they can fix the problem by adding a new seal coating layer to strengthen weak areas and eliminate issues before problems become worse.

Damage prevention

 The best way to avoid asphalt problems is through preventative maintenance and sealcoating. Sealcoating your asphalt every two to three years is required for proper care. Sealcoating has many benefits in protecting your investment and improving your business or storefront's curb appeal.
These are just a few of the signs that show your asphalt is due for seal coating services. You can extend your asphalt's curb appeal and lifespan by investing in quality sealcoating for asphalt protection.

Call us today for more information on sealcoating in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. We have the experience and expertise to handle all of your asphalt paving needs.

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