Hiring a Paving Contractor: Things to Consider

Hiring a Paving Contractor: Things to Consider

Hiring a Paving Contractor: Things to Consider

Are you preparing to establish a new driveway? Maybe you want to stripe your parking lot, fill gaps, seal coat, or mill and overlay your asphalt. If so, selecting the right asphalt contractor is a meaningful step in any project.

Asphalt paving in Stockton, CA, is a favored option for many property owners. Asphalt appreciation is attributable to cost-effectiveness, durability, and attractive looks. However, the contractor you choose can make or break your paving project. To enjoy incomparable results, yield to regulations, and conserve time and money, you must work with the best asphalt contractor available.

How do you make the proper selection with multiple options when selecting a contractor? This guide examines the essential tips to help you determine your best option when employing an asphalt contractor.


Before hiring an asphalt contractor, ask how long they have worked in the asphalt business. The response will provide insight into the experience level of the contractor. For example, a contractor in operation for over a decade has mastered skill sets in various asphalt projects.

If you choose a professional contractor, they have previously handled many similar projects to yours. Over time, they developed fundamental methods and resolutions to ensure top-quality artistry. So, apart from providing superior outcomes in record time, the contractor will also deliver value for your money.


A paving undertaking is a considerable investment. As such, you want to guarantee proper project implementation for a long-lasting asset. For excellent outcomes and durability, hire a contractor with critical professional gear. Asphalt contractors need paving equipment, including skid steers, motorized asphalt rollers, and paving machines.

If the contractor has the gear, confirm they own it. Contractors who rent equipment are sensitive to cost fluctuations. For example, an upsurge in equipment leasing costs would translate to further project costs. To bypass such uncertainties, employ a contractor who owns the gear.

Licensing and Insurance

Confirm the contractor you employ has proper business licenses and insurance. Sidestep any asphalt contractor reluctant to show you a copy of such documents. Also, confirm the license is valid and specific to your state. A proper contractor's license ensures the company has fulfilled all the requisites to perform in the asphalt industry.

Engage a contractor with insurance to guarantee you will not be responsible for any injury or damage during the project. The insurance coverage will safeguard the contractor's workers and your property in case of a mishap. In addition, confirm the contractor carries auto liability, general liability, and worker's compensation policies.

In most circumstances, unlicensed and uninsured contractors are more affordable than ones with proper licenses and insurance. However, the expenses of doing business with illegal or uninsured companies are astronomical when things go wrong.

If you need commercial or residential asphalt paving in Stockton, CA, our experts have you covered. Contact us now for your asphalt paving, care, and restoration needs.

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