Four Ways to Maintain an Asphalt Drive Following Installation

Four Ways to Maintain an Asphalt Drive Following Installation

Four Ways to Maintain an Asphalt Drive Following Installation

A newly paved asphalt driveway lends curb appeal to your house and improves your property's worth. Your driveway is likewise the first item guests witness when they come for a visit. That's why property owners should preserve their recently paved asphalt's attractive appearance for as long as possible. Nevertheless, this is easier stated than accomplished. Asphalt care requires some dedication, and your duty starts as soon as your paving contractors complete theirs! This post lists some straightforward ways to preserve your recently established asphalt driveway.

Drive Responsibly

Remember that while asphalt paving is fast to install, it takes time before it solidifies and cures fully. A lot relies on the weather circumstances and the kind of asphalt mixture employed for the project. Avoid stepping or driving on your pavement for 24 to 48 hours to be safe.

Asphalt is sensitive to tire wear even after it is completely cured. So if you drive roughly while the pavement is still fresh, you may end up with tire marks and indentions on your drive. To repair these, you must contact your contractor again, which implies paying more money!

Likewise, be cautious and bypass moving around the borders of the drive. Pavement borders are sensitive to deterioration. Any force on the edges of a new pavement can provoke the asphalt to crumble and shatter.

Wash the Surface Regularly

Next, washing your driveway is as essential as tending the rest of your house. Asphalt surfaces entice dirt and rubbish, so you cannot put off washing your driveway for long periods. You should also look out for oil blots on your drive. Oil can make the pavement slick, but it can also force the binder to loosen and split away from the aggregate. This can end in structural deterioration. So do not overlook oil stains and wash them away directly.

Be particularly attentive to the change of seasons. For instance, the fall carries debris in the state of falling leaves, which makes it difficult to notice any damaged locations on your drive. In addition, snowfall in the winter is also detrimental to asphalt, particularly if thawed ice seeps beneath the foundation. This can lead to crevasses, potholes, and other types of deterioration.

Sealcoat Your Drive

You cannot preserve asphalt without routine sealcoating. Professional sealers safeguard your driveway from harsh weather, water deterioration, and oil spills. It also keeps your pavement surface smooth and glossy. As a rule of thumb, it is most suitable to sealcoat your drive every two to three years.

Don't Delay Repairs

Finally, don't delay restorations when you notice any indication of damage. Cracking is typical on asphalt surfaces and is easy to repair in the early phases. However, when you neglect deterioration on your driveway, it may lead to additional damage that will demand significant restorations that are more expensive and time-consuming.

Keeping these matters in mind is crucial to preserve your asphalt driveway after installation. No doubt, a pleasing driveway allows you to maintain the appearance of your property!

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