Four Things That Damage Parking Lots

Four Things That Damage Parking Lots

Four Things That Damage Parking Lots

If you've trekked through any parking area, you've probably noticed plenty of oil spills, garbage, and other stuff all over the pavement. You might believe this waste comes with the domain: Where you have plenty of automobiles and individuals coming in and out daily, you may think it's unavoidable to witness this build-up.

In reality, most of the trash you see in parking lots is bad for the pavement. So, according to our experts on sealcoating in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, if you want to preserve your parking area in the best shape and prolong its life, you'll take actions to keep these objects away from it:

Caustic Substances

Corrosive substances contain all the ingredients that drip from an auto: Oil, gasoline, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other fluids. These essences can remain on your pavement and erode it over time. In addition, the substances break down the aggregate and induce cracks, crumbles, and recesses.

You can't keep substances off your pavement unless you keep cars off it — in which circumstance you no longer own a parking area. However, the sealcoating on the asphalt can keep these substances from ruining your parking area. You can also stop the substances from breaking through the sealcoating by regularly washing your parking area. Periodically check for spills, and plan a routine professional cleaning.


Even simple moisture can break down the asphalt over time, forcing it to crumble. Texas is hammered yearly by powerful storms that will soak your parking area with moisture. If your lot forms depressions or lacks proper drainage, this moisture will remain on the exterior and wear down the frame. The best way to control this is to employ a reputable and professional asphalt contractor who properly installs your parking lot with the proper grading and drainage.

You must also keep up with care to seal cracks and restore potholes, guaranteeing that even slight amounts of water do not reach your sub-base. If water infiltrates the sub-base, you will likely need significant repairs or to replace the entire parking lot.

Weighty Vehicles

Your asphalt paving is installed in a way that supports most passenger vehicles, like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. However, it is not designed for hefty automobiles like trucks or busses — unless you cater to that clientele and finance a parking lot designed explicitly for those automobiles. It would help to consider signage indicating that heavy vehicles are not permitted in the lot. In addition, include specific weight limitations or bans on particular types of automobiles.

Extreme Sunlight

Keeping excessive rays off your asphalt in Texas may seem like attempting to preserve an ice cube in a sauna. However, you must take actions to do so, like putting up shade canopies where you can, planting enormous shade trees, and keeping the exterior sealed for protection. Otherwise, the sunlight will gradually oxidize the asphalt and impair its flexibility.

You should consider shielding your parking lot entirely if you can afford it. Texas's climate is especially harsh and often sunny year-round. If not, stick to your upkeep. Sealcoating is basically like sunblock for your asphalt.

These are just a few of the things that damage asphalt paving. Contact us today for more information on sealcoating in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX.

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