Five Ways to Ensure a Safer Parking Area

Five Ways to Ensure a Safer Parking Area

Five Ways to Ensure a Safer Parking Area

The asphalt parking area of your commercial facility is an essential part of your business. A parking lot is the first item clients see when they come to your establishment. That's why asphalt parking areas need to be both appealing and safe for your workers and clients.

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Today's post will list five ways to make your parking area safe. This information will also assist in planning your yearly asphalt maintenance budget.

Keep It Clean

The initial and most fundamental way to keep your asphalt parking area safe is to wash it routinely. Along with filth and rubble, parking lot surfaces also draw oil reservoirs and stains. It is unsafe to drive and walk across oily surfaces, and if the grease oozes into the base, it can force your asphalt to break down entirely. That's why it is ideal to remove oil stains as quickly as they arise. You can do this efficiently using baking soda or vinegar. Of course, some blots solidify over time and are difficult to extract with household cleaning products, so you should fund professional cleaning at least annually.

Stripes And Markings

Line striping or marking is essential for parking area safety. This guarantees that all lot areas are plainly marked for easy navigation. In addition, line marking reveals parking stalls, handicap zones, stop bars, pedestrian crossing, entry or exit points, loading areas, etc. So if you don't have stripes or markings on your parking area, consider the significance of employing them. It also enhances the aesthetics of your commercial facility.


Next, sealcoating keeps your asphalt safe from filth and oil stains while protecting your line markings. Recently paved asphalt doesn't demand sealcoating, but sealing the exterior is critical every two to three years.

Routine sealcoating shields asphalt from petroleum and gasoline stains, pooling moisture, UV rays, and rainfall, basically anything that harms pavement over time. Professionally laid sealants also protect the surface from fading and trap heat, making clearing snow and ice more manageable. However, you can't complete sealcoating over impaired asphalt, which brings us to our next topic.

Asphalt Repairs

Durability is one of the primary reasons contractors and property owners choose asphalt for paving projects. That said, asphalt is still sensitive to deterioration. This damage can be in the form of cracking, crumbling edges, depressions, potholes, puddling, etc. Along with routine traffic, climate conditions, pooling water, and moisture disintegrate the asphalt, which is the primary reason you should never delay pavement repairs. Timely care can save you time, capital, and the aggravation of heavy reconstruction for the longest period possible.

Install Speed Humps

Finally, establishing speed humps can slow vehicles entering or leaving your parking lot. These are more suitable solutions than speed bumps for parking areas because they are longer and more incremental.

In conclusion, you can do plenty to make your asphalt parking area safer. Parking lot safety boosts your firm's image and bottom line while guarding anyone who visits your commercial property. Contact us today for more details on asphalt paving in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

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