Five Apartment Parking Lot Tips for Happy Tenants

Five Apartment Parking Lot Tips for Happy Tenants

Five Apartment Parking Lot Tips for Happy Tenants

Most people fail to realize the importance of a good apartment complex parking lot for attracting and retaining quality tenants. Your parking lot is an essential aspect of your property's aesthetic appeal and the very first element of your property that potential clients experience. This makes it critical to make the best use of your apartment complex parking lot. Our experts on asphalt paving in Galt, CA, offer these apartment parking lot tips for happy tenants.

Create a parking plan

The first step to creating the most enjoyable and functional apartment parking area begins with formulating a plan before starting the project. Whether you are renovating an existing lot or designing a brand new one, adequate planning will help you make optimal use of the area and avoid common mistakes. Parking lots in apartment complexes can be more challenging to plan because they are often more closed off than other parking areas, and many tenants often come and go simultaneously. Do your best to avoid squeezing as many spaces as you can into a small space as it may lead to driver conflicts.

Include various spaces

Many apartment building owners allow one or two spaces per rental, but this can vary based on how much space is available in the apartment and the number of bedrooms in the rental units. Tenants will appreciate a covered space if you can provide one. In addition, be sure to include any required handicap accessible parking spaces for your lot size and allow for some visitor spaces that are easy to locate and use. Modern tenants will also appreciate parking spaces for bicycles, oversized automobiles, and motorcycles.

Record the rules

Apartment complexes need rules for their parking lot so everyone knows how to use it. Determine parking rules before parking lot use and work with a lawyer to have them included in rental contracts. These rules will probably include tracking allowed vehicles, how shared spaces should be used, and procedures for cars that violate parking rules. Make sure signs are clearly posted, so you do not surprise your tenants.

Enforce the rules

Once you have established your parking rules and informed your tenants about them, it is essential to enforce them. Being easy on people who do not follow parking lot rules will lead to frustrated tenants and give you a reputation for being careless. On the other hand, failure to enforce parking rules may lead to increased problems between residents, and your tenants may believe that you will ignore other regulations around the complex.

Keep it maintained

Budget and regularly schedule time for parking lot maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. This includes simple tasks like clearing greenery, debris, and snow from the pavement and repairing any damages once they develop. You should also work with a paving contractor to create a sealcoating and parking lot striping schedule. Finally, be sure to notify your tenants in advance of any parking lot maintenance to plan for delays or adjustments.

Follow these apartment parking lot tips to keep your tenants happy. Then, contact us today for residential or commercial asphalt paving in Galt, CA.

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