Benefits of Recycled Asphalt Materials

Benefits of Recycled Asphalt Materials

Benefits of Recycled Asphalt Materials

Companies are always looking for new ways to save money. One of the best ways for an asphalt company to save on costs is to recycle asphalt pavement and shingles. That is probably why asphalt is the most recycled material in America. Every year contractors reclaim nearly 100 million tons of asphalt pavement material. 95% of that 100 million tons of recycled asphalt is reused in highways and roads. A fraction of reclaimed asphalt materials is used in road shoulders and road bases.

 Recycling asphalt also offers many benefits to asphalt companies, consumers, the environment, and the economy. Our experts on asphalt paving in Sutter Creek, CA, provide the following benefits of asphalt recycling:

Environmental benefits

Recycling previously used asphalt materials reduces the amount of oil needed for new asphalt production, potentially lowering our dependence on foreign oil sources. In addition, asphalt recycling lowers the amount of construction material waste because used asphalt is not left to take up space in already overfilled landfill areas. Finally, asphalt recycling is a sustainable choice because mineral particles used for virgin asphalt production are conserved through the vast amount of asphalt recycling. On top of that, asphalt materials can be recycled repeatedly for continuous natural resource conservation.

Economic benefits

Recycling asphalt saves taxpayer dollars by making industrial paving less expensive for local, state, and federal roadway projects. In addition, contractors save money by reducing the energy needed for energy, materials, and transportation costs of virgin asphalt manufacturing. Finally, as mentioned above, asphalt can be recycled repeatedly, ensuring its continued value.

Asphalt pavement is not the only material that can be recycled for paving materials. Asphalt shingles can be recycled for use in hot mix asphalt mixtures. The reuse of asphalt shingles allows manufacturers to lower costs and enhance the quality of their asphalt paving. Recycled shingles provide an excellent source for aggregate, reducing the need for aggregate mining. The quality of asphalt is improved with stronger resistance to cracks and rutting because shingles have organic fibers and added mineral fillers that make asphalt paving better.

Recycled asphalt shingles also lower the demand for virgin asphalt materials, reduce the need for new aggregate materials, and lead to improved hot mix asphalt mixtures. Recycled asphalt shingles are used for a variety of asphalt-based materials. For example, many rural roadways are covered in gravel mixed with recycled asphalt shingles to minimize the amount of dust they produce and the amount of lost gravel. Parking lots, driveways, and roads can also be coated with recycled asphalt shingles as a temporary surface.

These are just a portion of the benefits of using recycled asphalt. Contact us today for more information on asphalt paving in Sutter Creek, CA. We have the experience and expertise to handle all of your paving needs. Our family-owned and operated blacktop company has been in the business for more than 45 years allowing us to be at the top of the industry. Our focus on satisfaction and outstanding customer service enables us to exceed consumer expectations with every job we complete.

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