Asphalt Paving Spring Maintenance Checklist

Asphalt Paving Spring Maintenance Checklist

Asphalt Paving Spring Maintenance Checklist

If you own asphalt paving, you should be aware that regular maintenance is the best way to save money and extend the life of your investment. You may notice sinking, cracking, and other damages left over from the winter weather exposure during the spring season. Now is the perfect time to inspect your asphalt and repair any issues that may have popped up. By fixing minor problems now, you can avoid needing more expensive repair services in the future. Our experts on asphalt paving in San Andreas, CA, recommend the following tips for maintaining your pavement this spring.

Inspect your paved surfaces

Once winter’s harsh weather is in the rearview, it is time to make a comprehensive visual inspection of your paved structure. Pay close attention to any damages you discover- even the most minor cracks can evolve into more severe issues when neglected. Fix any problems you discover as soon as possible to avoid water intrusion that might freeze overnight and compromise your pavement’s structural integrity.

For commercial applications, potholes can be dangerous and unsightly. If a pothole contributes to someone falling and injuring themselves on your property, you will be held liable for the damages. Paying fees for damages to a vehicle or a personal injury will be much more costly than taking care of several potholes on your pavement. Be sure to repair potholes, so you do not have to deal with the stress of a lawsuit.

Sealcoat your pavement regularly

Pavement sealing, also referred to as sealcoating, is critical. Experts recommend sealcoating maintenance within a year of initial pavement installation and every two to three years after. Sealcoating is the very best way to protect your pavement from damage and keep it looking appealing. It is best to hire a professional paving contractor for sealcoating services to ensure an efficient, reliable, and long-lasting pavement coating.

Refresh your paint

Spring is a great time to refresh your paint if your parking lot striping is faded. New parking lot stripes will keep your lot looking appealing and signal to your customers that you are concerned with their safety and wellbeing. When repainting your parking area, use expert techniques and long-lasting paint. If you are not confident in taking care of it yourself, call a paving professional to take care of it for you.

Create a regular cleaning schedule

Cleaning your asphalt regularly to ensure it stays in optimal condition. Be sure to clear dirt, leaves, and rocks from your pavement regularly to keep it safe for your visitors and staff. This practice will keep your lot safe and attractive to everyone. Cleaning your paved surfaces will also extend your pavement's life. Be sure to check drains regularly and empty them to prevent drainage problems.

Follow these tips to keep your pavement in optimal condition. And when you need a professional for asphalt paving in San Andreas, CA, call M. Carroll Black Top Service. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right every time. Contact us today!

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