6 Signs You Need to Make Repairs on Your Pavement

6 Signs You Need to Make Repairs on Your Pavement

6 Signs You Need to Make Repairs on Your Pavement

You put in a lot of effort to maintain the integrity of your home. But your asphalt driveway or parking lot needs regular care and periodic repairs, just like the rest of your home's appliances and systems do. That is so they can remain functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you invest in asphalt, you also want to tend to your repairs with the help of a professional who understands asphalt paving and sealcoating in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. If you notice any of these issues on your asphalt pavement, you should give us a call to make repairs as soon as possible.


When water seeps into the soil underneath the pavement and freezes and thaws, it causes the pavement surface to deteriorate and create potholes. Small potholes are formed when the asphalt chips are at weak surface points due to the retained moisture's expansion and contraction. Potholes grow to dangerous proportions when neglected, increasing the likelihood of accidents and subsequent lawsuits (if you own an establishment).


A pipe's break or slipped joint is usually the cause of an undermining. In addition, there are times when a pipe in the ground becomes disconnected from the main sewer line. That causes the soil above the break to enter the pipes, eventually weakening the asphalt above the crack. In many cases, a contractor may repair a small problem by digging to the source and resurfacing the area with asphalt and base.

Fading or Dulling Color

With time and sun exposure, asphalt loses its luster and becomes grey. Yes, it's normal for asphalt to fade over time. However, if your pavement begins to appear more like sand than blacktop, you may want to schedule some repairs soon.

You can restore the original hue of faded asphalt pavements professionally. In addition to improving the way your pavement looks, this can reveal issues like subsurface dampness. It can also reveal damage from things like oil and gasoline leaks.


Cracks on asphalt pavement are typically the result of years of use and deterioration. These splits can range from barely perceptible to revealing a spider web's worth of damage. Failure to treat cracks without haste can lead to further deterioration and damage to the subgrade. What's more? Cracks that go deep and extend over a large region may require a complete rebuild of that section. Get in touch with a competent asphalt repair provider for an in-depth evaluation of the situation.


Crushed stone or a compacted base is used as an underpinning for asphalt pavement. If this base deteriorates, sinkage may become apparent around houses and carports. If your driveway or sidewalk is sinking, it's probably because water is being deposited too close to the building via the downspouts. In addition to asphalt repair, you could also want gutter repair.

Drainage Problems

Poor drainage in asphalt pavement can lead to water seeping into the pavement's layers, which may lead to the pavement's eventual failure. You should get your parking lot fixed as soon as possible if you see puddles and water staying in one place.

If you need repairs on your asphalt, contact our professionals to hear about our paving, repairs, and sealcoating in Dallas Fort Worth, TX today!

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