6 Asphalt Services Available to You

6 Asphalt Services Available to You

6 Asphalt Services Available to You

If you want to enhance your company's curb appeal, possess a commercial property that requires paving services, or are interested in extending your paved materials to continue protecting your investment, we can help with your paving needs. We supply parking lot striping, asphalt paving, and sealcoating in French Camp, CA, and are willing to take care of your paving needs. In addition, our commercial paving experts conduct these services to fulfill your business's needs.

Crack Sealing

When you notice crevices in your pavement, it is best to address them directly with crack sealing. Cracks in asphalt surfaces allow water intrusion into the sublayers, compromising your entire parking lot's structural integrity if not handled fast and effectively by an asphalt expert. In addition, dealing with cracks promptly helps you avoid the need for early repaving or replacement.

Asphalt Repairs

When the virtue of your pavement's sublayers is compromised, it needs asphalt restorations. These services target problem areas in short sections of your asphalt surfaces that do not require comprehensive repaving. Various asphalt restoration choices fill in minor cracks, mend potholes, and rehabilitate drainage issues. It would be best to address impairments to paving quickly to maintain the product's integrity and extend its life.


Our asphalt experts establish speedbumps to enhance parking lot and roadway safety. These safety solutions are required for sites demanding lower speed for pedestrian safety like school zones, high-traffic shopping epicenters, busy grocery store parking lots, and other places with heavy pedestrian traffic flow patterns.


Sealcoating is another service we deliver for your convenience. Industry experts recommend sealing your parking lot asphalt every two to three years to keep it in the best state. Sealcoating provides a thin layer of protection over your asphalt surfaces, resistant to water intrusion, fading from UV exposure, and impairment from auto fluid leaks. Sealcoating also rejuvenates the look of paved surfaces by creating an elegant, ebony finish. Sealcoating is a crucial component of road and parking lot maintenance that you should regularly complete to increase your pavement's life.

Parking Lot Striping

Striping services provide guidance and safety to your facility's parking lot. When you own a business property, you want to guarantee that your parking lot markings are undoubtedly readable, so your clients and guests understand the proper flow of your lot. In addition, your parking lot location may be confusing and dangerous without pronounced striping, especially during heavy traffic on busy days.


When people pull off the main street to visit your building, you want the road to be smooth and attractive to give guests and clients the best first image of your company. Therefore, we offer various paving services that manage your parking lot and entrances so they hold up under severe traffic and resist weather-related impairments year-round.

We supply only a few services to enhance, protect, and repair your paved surfaces. From initial installation to resurfacing, we can provide all your demands for asphalt paving and sealcoating in French Camp, CA. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your company.

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