5 Ways to Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces

5 Ways to Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces

5 Ways to Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces

Even though asphalt pavement is continually exposed to the weather, it can be protected with the right maintenance over time. When asphalt is properly cared for, protected, and maintained, it will endure longer and sustain damage less frequently than when it isn't. It only makes sense to protect an asphalt surface since it requires a significant financial investment to build a driveway, parking lot, or basketball court. These are a few ways that you can protect your asphalt surfaces over time.

Understanding the Type of Asphalt

It's critical to comprehend some fundamental facts regarding your pavement to preserve your Asphalt from harm. Make sure you know the dates of your Asphalt installation and maintenance dates. You are visually inspecting your Asphalt to look for potholes, cracks, or other signs of wear and tear. This fundamental knowledge about your Asphalt will make it much simpler to maintain and care for your surface.

Maintain Your Asphalt

To avoid damage and stains, frequent maintenance is required. Asphalt surfaces are susceptible to lasting oil and fuel stains from moving vehicles, leaves, and other debris. Additionally, oil and petrol spills can cause the pavement to fracture and sustain additional harm, such as potholes. When they are driven over by autos, rock and gravel can damage the surface.

Asphalt surfaces should be swept frequently to eliminate dirt and debris, especially after storms. Cleaning up auto oil and fuel should be done right away by using a long-handled brush and a solution of water and either powdered detergent, dish soap, or baking soda.

Perform Sealcoating in San Antonio, TX

Any asphalt surface can benefit greatly from seal coating by enhancing durability and protection against winter precipitation. This barrier prevents sun-induced oxidation, water seepage, and petroleum spills.

The long-term maintenance costs are dramatically reduced while your pavement looks brand new. We strongly advise sealing your asphalt pavement at least once every 3.5 years because it is one of the most efficient preventative maintenance techniques.

It must be at least 50° F outside at night for the sealant to properly cure. Start preparing with us for sealcoating next year if you don’t get a chance to this year.

Pothole Repair

Water damage frequently leads to potholes and can also cause water damage. When a pothole appears in your driveway's Asphalt, water can readily run in and cause worsening damage. A reputable pavement maintenance firm must provide urgent pothole repair. The cost and required repair will increase as you wait longer.

Reduce Water Exposure

Asphalt is susceptible to serious damage from water. Ensure sprinklers are always oriented away from your paved surfaces and that irrigation is kept as far away from your asphalt surface as possible. Additionally, your pavement needs to have enough slope so that water may drain off the top instead of absorbing into the surface. Allowing water to seep in can harm the Asphalt's base layer, causing it to sink and develop potholes.

You should keep your pavement as clean as possible, prevent damage from adjacent landscaping, and add a layer of seal coating occasionally as an additional layer of defense. A local paving expert will know your climate best and suggest additional safety measures to safeguard your pavement investment.

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