5 Ways to Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Clean

5 Ways to Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Clean

5 Ways to Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Clean

With an investment in asphalt, you want to take the time to maintain and clean your parking lot over time. Not only will this prevent issues like potholes and other unsafe hazards, but it will also give your customers a great first impression as they arrive at your business. As experts in asphalt paving and sealcoating in Austin, TX, we understand the importance of keeping your parking lot clean and clear of debris and trash. These are a few ways that you can keep your asphalt lots clean over the years.

Sweep the Surface

One of the most basic ways to keep debris and trash off your parking lot surface is to sweep the area. A good, old-fashioned broom will do the trick when you want to just keep debris off the surface. By sweeping your parking lot every week, you can prevent any litter, trash, leaves, or other debris from collecting and causing eyesores.

Put Trash Cans Outside

To prevent people from littering outside of your business, you should put some trash cans around the outside of your building. By offering people the opportunity to put trash in the can, you can encourage a clean exterior all the time. Although you will always have those people that still litter, you can do what you can to encourage the right practices to keep your facility and property clean.

Pressure Wash

While sweeping and removing trash are important, you should also consider a deeper clean of your asphalt from time to time. By pressure washing the surface, you can prevent any oils, gasoline, and other chemicals from staining or degrading the quality of your asphalt. Over time, there will likely be oil or gas leaks from vehicles that sit parked, and these liquids can cause damage to your asphalt if neglected. We recommend deep cleaning your asphalt with pressure washing at least once a year. If you have heavy traffic, you should consider doing this more frequently.

Get Sealcoating in Austin, TX

While sealcoating may seem more like maintenance than cleaning, it is an essential task that will promote the cleanliness and sleek appearance of your parking lot. By sealcoating your parking lot each year, you can prevent any issues, like cracking or pothole development, that can occur over time. Sealcoating provides a protective layer that prevents any UV light, chemicals, and heavy traffic from damaging your asphalt over time.

Paint New Lines

Have you noticed faded lines in your parking lot? When lines start to fade, your customers may get confused about your traffic patterns, and this can lead to accidents on your property. To prevent these issues from happening, you want to perform any parking lot striping when you notice faded lines. These bright lines can keep people aware of the proper protocols, which will promote safety and functionality of your lot.

By taking these steps, you can keep your parking lots clean and protect your asphalt pavement from any deterioration or eyesores. If you are looking for any paving or asphalt repair services, like pothole patching or sealcoating in Austin, TX, trust the pros at M Carroll Blacktop.

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