5 FAQS about Asphalt Paving

5 FAQS about Asphalt Paving

5 FAQS about Asphalt Paving

Are you ready to pave your exterior surfaces? When you have gravel or stone driveways and walkways, you will notice the inconvenience almost immediately. Asphalt paving offers many advantages, such as a smooth surface, beautiful curb appeal, and much more. These are a few commonly asked questions to help you understand the process of asphalt paving.

What are some benefits of choosing asphalt?

Asphalt is one of the most popular paving materials on the market, and this is for good reasons. Many people love the affordability of asphalt, as it has widespread coverage without spending too much of your hard-earned money to pave. Asphalt is also a durable substance, as it withstands heavy traffic, inclement weather, and general wear and tear. With proper maintenance, your asphalt surfaces can last between ten and twenty years.

Why should I work with a paving contractor?

Paving is not an easy task to perform on your own. In fact, it requires extensive knowledge of the pavement making and laying process, and this job is best left to the experts. You will also need large and expensive machinery, that you will also need to understand how to operate. By trusting the experts, you ensure that the job gets done right, the pavement is high-quality, and the machines are safely used.

How long does an asphalt surface last?

Depending on the traffic on your asphalt pavement, you can expect your asphalt to last anywhere between ten and twenty years. If you have a highly trafficked road or driveway, you may need to replace your asphalt sooner than if you do not use it often. Also, you have to regularly maintain your asphalt to keep it in optimal shape over the years.

How much will my project cost?

When budget is your concern, you should talk with a paving contractor to get free quotes for your job. The cost of your asphalt paving project will depend on the size and complexity of your project. For example, if you need additional gravel, grading, or other services, the asphalt project may cost more. It is advisable to get multiple quotes for your paving project to choose the best one for your budget.

What maintenance do I need to perform to keep my asphalt looking great?

Asphalt requires maintenance to keep it in good shape over the years. You will want to keep your asphalt clean with weekly brooming or rinsing. Removing any harsh chemicals, spills, or other stains can prevent chemical damage to the sublayers of your asphalt, which can prevent potholes and cracking. Sealcoating in Lodi, CA is also important, as it provides a protective layer that will promote longevity and boost the appearance of your asphalt.

These are a few questions to better understand asphalt paving and the benefits it offers. When you are ready to pave your surfaces, contact our experts to hear more about our services for paving and sealcoating in Lodi, CA today!

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