5 Dangers of Damaged Asphalt

5 Dangers of Damaged Asphalt

5 Dangers of Damaged Asphalt

Are you concerned with the state of your asphalt parking lot or sidewalks? As a business owner, it is your responsibility to care for the area both inside and outside of your business. This also means maintaining and caring for your asphalt. If you notice any issues, you want to contact the professionals in asphalt repairs and sealcoating in Lodi, CA to take care of problems before they persist.  These are a few dangers of damaged asphalt for your business.

Decrease Safety

When your customers drive onto your property, you want them to stay safe and secure. Potholes, cracks, and holes in your asphalt can actually pose safety hazards that may cause trip and fall accidents or even vehicle accidents while people are on your property. Not only can this cause injury, but it can cause liabilities. If someone is injured in your care, you may be liable for any medical expenses or damages. Fixing any issues will prevent you from going through any legal issues by improving the safety of your lot.

Lose Money

When customers notice that your parking lot and surfaces are in disrepair, they may choose to take their business elsewhere. If this happens many times, you are actually losing potential sales, and therefore potential profits. While it may seem expensive to make asphalt repairs or perform routine maintenance, it can actually pay off by boosting the curb appeal and intrigue in your business. You always want to do whatever you can to bring more customers in your doors.

Create Eyesores

The last thing you want is to have an ugly curb appeal. When you keep your asphalt riddled with potholes, cracks, or litter, people will not want to give you their business. These eyesores can cause even more damage if they are neglected over time. Damage should be quickly repaired so that you can protect your property and keep it attractive over time.

Decrease Productivity

Smooth surfaces are always better for business. When you get frequent deliveries or you utilize your outdoor space to conduct business, potholes and cracks can actually cause you to be less efficient. It can interrupt the workflow by causing distractions or even make it difficult to perform your work. Keep things smooth with routine maintenance and quick repairs.

Damage Vehicles

Not only can people become injured on your property if they fall over a crack or pothole, but so can vehicles. When you have many potholes, vehicles can crash into walls or even blow a tire while on your property. This can deter customers from choosing your business, and it can even make you liable to pay for any vehicle repairs. Avoid this by keeping a clean asphalt parking lot and also updating any faded parking lot lines to improve the flow of traffic.

These are just a few of the dangers of leaving your asphalt in disrepair. When you notice any potholes, cracking, pooling water, or other issues, you will want to tend to them quickly with the help of a professional. Contact us to hear more about our repair and sealcoating in Lodi, CA today.

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