5 Benefits of Choosing Asphalt

5 Benefits of Choosing Asphalt

5 Benefits of Choosing Asphalt

Pavements made of asphalt have many advantages over pavements made of other materials, such as concrete and stone. It should come as no surprise that asphalt is used for the surface of 94% of the roadways in the United States. Many people choose asphalt because of its recyclable qualities, affordability, and durability over time. These are some of the benefits of choosing asphalt for the paving material for your project.


Asphalt pavements are safe because they have strong skid resistance and beautiful color contrast between the asphalt surface and the road markers. This gives drivers superior road visibility in any weather condition. Asphalt is unaffected by the chemicals used to treat ice and snow, and its dark hue lowers glare and accelerates the melting of ice and snow relative to other forms of pavement.

When it rains, open-graded asphalt, a particular kind of road surface, can lessen the amount of splash and spray and the number of accidents and fatalities on roads. In addition, using asphalt pavement materials eradicates the possibility of hazardous and pricey pavement blowups.

Smooth and Consistent

Pavements made of asphalt give a smoother and more consistent surface than any other material. Smooth roads are safer than roads with rough or uneven surfaces because these types of roads cause drivers to become fatigued and lose control more easily.

Rolling resistance, or friction between tires and pavement, is decreased by smooth asphalt roads, resulting in improved fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions. The better contact that vehicle tires can have with smooth roadways results in a ride that is not only safer but also more enjoyable.


Not only do smooth roads make driving safer, but they also save maintenance costs. When there are fewer bumps in the road, automobiles experience less wear and tear, which results in lower vehicle operating expenses. Additionally, enhancing the smoothness of a roadway by 25 percent can extend its lifespan by up to 10 percent, which results in cost savings.

Asphalt roadways can be constructed more rapidly and affordably than other types of pavements. They can be designed to function as a "perpetual pavement" that requires routine maintenance, such as sealcoating in Lodi, CA, which saves money and time.


A lot of time and effort is put into constructing visually pleasant infrastructure, and a great pavement made of asphalt is the foundation of great curb appeal. A new road is an investment that improves the look of many towns and increases public safety for its inhabitants. Pavements made of asphalt do not have any ugly cracks that are built in. They can blend in with the natural surroundings while also enhancing them.


Pavements made of asphalt tend to have extended lifespans. All asphalt pavements have a bridge action and are flexible, which means they can tolerate occasional overloads without suffering major damage. They can be engineered to accommodate any situation, including traffic, materials, or soil. To keep in good condition forever, asphalt requires only routine maintenance periodically, which is less expensive than most types of pavements.

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