5 Asphalt Paving Project Challenges

5 Asphalt Paving Project Challenges

5 Asphalt Paving Project Challenges

Depending on the scope and size of a paving project, a project can take a day or less to complete. However, it is not uncommon for challenges to come up, especially when your contractor is not well prepared. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider the paving professional you hire to ensure they have the experience and expertise to handle these challenges. Our experts on asphalt paving and sealcoating in Lockeford, CA, present the following challenges that may arise during your paving project:

Local bureaucracy

Every local has red tape to deal with, so your chosen contractor needs to be well-informed on local rules and regulations. Otherwise, you may end up in hot water if you do not have the required paperwork or your asphalt surface does not meet construction codes. Be very careful if you hire contractors without plenty of experience or who come from out of state for this reason.

Subcontractor delays

If multiple groups work on your construction project, missed deadlines can create delays and challenges. For example, if one contractor is digging your foundation but another is handling asphalt installation, delays from the first contractor will affect the timeline for the second. Therefore, it is always better to hire a single-source pavement contractor in terms of overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Weather problems

Even the best-planned construction projects can be hijacked by mother nature. Heavy rain during asphalt installation can destroy the stability of the base layer. In addition, unexpected freezing and thawing can delay the process significantly. These events are unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable, but fortunately, quite rare. Asphalt contractors always keep an eye on weather forecasts and have plans in place for inclement weather conditions.

Drainage problems

Even with the most stabilized base, water intrusion can invade the deepest levels of your pavement and compromise its structural integrity. This can cause you to incur expensive repair costs far earlier than would generally be expected. The best paving contractors will build up your asphalt's edges to ensure they are less vulnerable to water damage.

Soft subsoil

Successful asphalt installation relies on a stable foundation that can withstand years of heavy traffic. An area of soft subsoil under your asphalt structure can lead to potholes and cracking, leading to costly repairs. Repairing areas with soft soil may add to the initial installation cost, but it will prevent expensive damages down the road.

Though challenges can be unavoidable at times, hiring an experienced asphalt contractor will help ensure that you get the best pavement possible for your investment. These are just a handful of the most common challenges that arise during asphalt paving installation. The right contractor can mitigate these risks and keep the project moving in the right direction. Contact us today about asphalt installation and sealcoating in Lockeford, CA. We have the experience and expertise to overcome pavement challenges and handle all of your paving needs. In addition, our focus on satisfaction and excellent customer service allows us to exceed your expectations with every service we provide.

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