5 Asphalt Maintenance Tasks You Should Do This Fall

5 Asphalt Maintenance Tasks You Should Do This Fall

5 Asphalt Maintenance Tasks You Should Do This Fall

Investing in asphalt pavement can enhance the appearance of your business and also boost the functionality of the exterior by providing smooth, safe surfaces. To keep your asphalt looking great and staying in optimal condition over its lifespan, you need to perform certain maintenance tasks. As professional paving contractors, we know the importance of tasks such as patching potholes and sealcoating in Lodi, CA. Planning for your asphalt maintenance ensures that it gets done and issues get addressed before they turn worse. These are a few asphalt maintenance tasks you should do this fall.

Visually Inspect Your Pavement

Walk around your entire parking lot or driveway to take notice of the condition of your asphalt. When you take the time to visually inspect your pavement, you can look for anything that is out of the ordinary. Do you see any cracks or holes? Do you notice any depressions or dulling paint? These are just a few indications that you may need to make some repairs before issues become worse.

Sweep the Surface

Keeping the surface clean by routinely sweeping can remove debris, contaminants, and trash from sitting on the pavement. Removing this debris will prevent eyesores on your property, which can detract from the curb appeal. After you sweep the surface, it is also beneficial to hose off the surface to remove any tougher stains or liquids. Allowing this to sit on the pavement can eventually start to deteriorate the asphalt itself.

Fill Cracks or Holes

Cracks and holes are not only an eyesore, but they can also pose hazards to drivers and pedestrians. When you notice any cracks or holes, you should have them professionally patched or filled. These holes and cracks can allow water to seep into the asphalt and cause damages to the internal layers of your pavement, which can have devastating effects on the entire pavement.

Remove Any Stains

Stains are also damaging to the appearance of your asphalt, but most stains can be easily removed with a hose or pressure washer. By pressure washing your asphalt, you remove any tougher stains that can take away from the beautiful appearance of your asphalt and save you from any potential damage if oils or gases sit on the asphalt for too long.

Look for Low Spots or Standing Water

Low spots can occur in faulty installation or over time with heavy traffic. Look for low spots that can be collecting water over time, which can eventually cause deterioration of the asphalt structure. Standing water can also indicate poor drainage, which will need to be inspected by a professional paving contractor to prevent cracking and erosion of your asphalt.

These are some of the maintenance tasks you should do this fall to keep your asphalt in optimal condition. By performing these tasks on a yearly basis, you ensure that your surface does not suffer from early damages that could have been prevented. If you are looking for quality paving contractors to assist with everything from paving to sealcoating in Lodi, CA, contact us today!

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