4 Ways to Prevent Asphalt Water Damage

4 Ways to Prevent Asphalt Water Damage

4 Ways to Prevent Asphalt Water Damage

If you are concerned about the state of your asphalt surfaces during the rainy season or notice that water has caused holes or cracks in your pavement, now is the time to seek professional advice. Keeping your asphalt surface in the best condition possible requires taking specific steps to prevent any water intrusion problems from damaging your pavement. Water intrusion is one of the most significant problems leading to potholes or cracks in your asphalt surfaces. However, various maintenance and repair services are available to care for your asphalt and minimize or eliminate these hazards. Therefore, it is vital to follow our experts' maintenance and care tips on asphalt paving in Vacaville, CA.

Proper drainage planning

Proper drainage is critical to remove water from your asphalt surfaces. Planting a few strategically placed patches of grass between or near your pavement can assist with adequate water runoff and promote improved drainage capabilities. Also, it is essential to consider well-planned sloping and grading to encourage proper water drainage in your asphalt surface to avoid pooling water and further potential damage.   

Patching cracks or holes

Cracked and holey pavement is considerably vulnerable to damage from water intrusion, as water can easily invade the sublayers of an asphalt surface with existing damages. Further damage prevention will require you to address necessary repairs quickly through patching the pavement as soon as you notice issues like holes or cracks. Addressing damages immediately upon seeing them will allow you to prevent water from easily penetrating deeper layers, protecting the structure's integrity underneath.

Sealcoating maintenance

Sealing an asphalt surface adds a protective layer to protect against exposure to harmful elements. As mentioned above, you should address repairs the moment you notice minor issues like cracks and holes. By patching them up and covering the surface with a single layer of sealcoating, you will protect the integrity of your asphalt structure and help extend its life. Sealcoating in Fredericksburg, TX, has various advantages, including protecting the surface from future damages, providing an attractive, sleek appearance, and prolonging your asphalt’s lifespan. Sealcoating also encourages proper water runoff, assuring that moisture cannot seep inside and destroy the structure’s integrity.

Follow basic maintenance recommendations

Performing routine inspections of your pavement by walking along the surface and looking for issues and damages allows you to address any problems early. In addition, regular care and basic maintenance are essential for adequately protecting your pavement from water damage. You should keep paved surfaces clear of litter, pressure wash them regularly to keep them clean, and repair any large cracks or potholes as soon as possible. This essential maintenance and asphalt care will help avoid eyesores on your surface that make your pavement vulnerable to future damages.

Proper asphalt maintenance and care by following these suggestions will allow you to prevent damages from water intrusion that happen with continued water exposure. Our company specializes in asphalt paving in Vacaville, CA, so we are here to help with all of your asphalt needs. Call us today!

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