4 Beautiful and Functional Patio Materials

4 Beautiful and Functional Patio Materials

4 Beautiful and Functional Patio Materials

If you are interested in creating a beautiful outdoor patio in California, you must choose your paving material wisely. When beginning any outdoor entertainment space, you will need a smooth surface that focuses on function and appearance. Ideally, it would be best to select a material that is weather-resistant, visually pleasing, and easy to maintain. Many patio areas are designed with multiple paving materials to provide a customized visual contrast to a space. Fortunately, not every paving project requires asphalt paving in Lodi, CA. Various materials are available for choosing a high-quality alternative that offers exceptional surfacing with a natural, earthy appeal. There are many materials to consider when building a beautiful, functional patio.

Interlocking pavers

Interlocking pavers have a rustic texture and rusty red color that makes them look like bricks. These interlocking pavers are manufactured with dense concrete that is much firmer and long-lasting than brick. Each section locks together tightly, providing a durable yet unique design for sidewalks, garden paths, and patio areas. Installation with sand allows interlocking pavers to give a much firmer walking surface than one created using bricks on sand. Unlike masonry, it is challenging to dislocate interlocking pavers. However, they stand up well to heavy loads with high-level stability.


Sandstone is a functional, medium-toned flagstone that often takes on a reddish tone. The form of flagstone paving stands out visually due to the use of mortar or grout to hold sections together is often a high-contrasting white color. Grout or mortar color can easily change the look and design of your paving material, so be sure to explore available color combinations before choosing suitable paving materials for your project needs.

Concrete blocks

While concrete blocks are typically used for the walls of buildings, you can also use them to create a strong, easy-to-install raised patio. Concrete blocks are created using a mixture of sand, gravel, water, and powdered hydraulic cement. Using concrete blocks provides you with a cost-effective way to create a raised outdoor space that is durable and weather resistant.

Brick and mortar

Bricks can also be butted together or strategically arranged and layered to create various patterns. Paving bricks have an uneven, textured finish that provides a patio space with a highly customizable, unique, or informal look. While each brick is designed with the same width, pieces of different lengths are installed in vertical rows that are not perfectly straight. This provides a casual appearance that compliments your patio with a rustic country feel. Always consider where you will use these bricks on your property because if you are surrounding a spa or pool area, these brick pavers would not be comfortable walking across with bare feet. However, a textured brick will be perfect for your entertainment or patio space.

These are just a handful of paving materials you can utilize to create a beautiful and functional outdoor patio space. Our company specializes in asphalt paving in Lodi, CA, and we can assist with your patio construction needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.

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