4 Asphalt Problems That Will Be Solved with Resurfacing

4 Asphalt Problems That Will Be Solved with Resurfacing

4 Asphalt Problems That Will Be Solved with Resurfacing

Asphalt parking lots are used heavily. Whether you have an industrial or commercial parking area, it is essential to keep it in optimal condition for the safety of your visitors and employees. Broken, cracked, and pitted pavement might require resurfacing to keep it safe for vehicles and people. Our experts on asphalt paving and sealcoating in Modesto, CA, offer the following issues that can be solved when you resurface your parking lot.

Faded markings

Faded markings in your parking area result from exposure to the sun’s UV rays, wind, or rain. Visitors to your parking lot may become confused and frustrated if your markings are not clearly visible. If your parking spaces, handicap zones, directional arrows, and other parking lot signals are not up to par, it is essential to have them redone as soon as possible. Though faded markings only require resurfacing when paired with other issues, they will always need to be redone if you resurface your lot.


Industrial and commercial parking areas experience lots of vehicle traffic. Heavy trucks and equipment travel across these asphalt surfaces regularly to maneuver into delivery zones, parking spaces, and loading docks. The weight of vehicles combined with the turning wheels on asphalt structures causes intense pressure that might lead to warping. Warped parking lot surfaces are hazardous to people walking in the area. They may trip and fall because they fail to notice the uneven surface. Warping often requires resurfacing to correct. Contact a paving professional today to determine if your warped parking area will benefit from resurfacing.

Water pooling

Low spots can develop in the pavement due to uneven settling of the substrate or soil beneath the structure. These spots can lead to pools of water and puddles on asphalt pavement surfaces. Parking lot pooling might also be the result of insufficient or blocked drainage. Pooling is hazardous because it allows water intrusion into the asphalt surface. A cooler temperature can allow this water to expand and cause cracking. In addition, pools and puddles of water can cause pedestrians to slip and fall on your pavement. Pooling often requires resurfacing to repair the issues properly. Ask your paving professional how to resolve your water pooling problem today.


Potholes develop due to the rapid expansion and contraction of water that has infiltrated paving through cracks in the surface. Potholes can grow large and deep enough to damage vehicles passing over them. Potholes can damage a vehicle's alignment, suspension, rims, and tires. They are also hazardous to people walking through your parking lot. When potholes develop in the pavement, repair services are critical. Though you can often fill them without the need for complete resurfacing, there are times when traditional repair methods are not possible. For example, if your pavement is covered in potholes, resurfacing may be in order. Contact a paving professional today to find out the best option for fixing your pothole problem.

These are just a few of the paving issues that will be solved with pavement resurfacing, though all of them do not require it. If you are curious whether you should resurface your parking lot, contact our experts on asphalt paving and sealcoating in Modesto, CA, today. We have the experience and expertise to help you determine the most effective solution for your asphalt troubles.

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