3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Sealcoating Company

3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Sealcoating Company

3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Sealcoating Company

If you are planning to have sealcoating maintenance performed on your asphalt surfaces, it is essential to seek the services of experienced professionals to get the best result. Sealcoating in Riverbank, CA, offers a variety of benefits, including protecting your pavement from UV rays, fluid leaks, water intrusion, and exposure to other harmful elements. In addition, our experts offer the following things you need to consider when hiring a sealcoating service.

Consider the company’s experience and reputation

Reputation is essential when choosing a paving company for asphalt maintenance. Believe it or not, some company’s cut corners on sealcoating services by using cheap, ineffective materials, and others will convince property owners that they need to sealcoat their asphalt too often just to keep the profits flowing in. Therefore, it is critical to look into the reputation of asphalt contractors. Research how long they have been in business, whether they are appropriately licensed in your state, and whether their website is professional. You can check with your state government to ensure that the company is licensed and determine how long they have been in business. Then, visit their website and submit a question on their contact page to determine how quickly they respond to inquiries and whether they respond professionally. This can tell you plenty about how they treat their clients and whether you can trust them.

Explore their reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews are a great way to determine if a paving company can do the job right. But it is essential not to only read the reviews that appear on their website because no business will post negative feedback willingly. Explore Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau reviews for a clear picture of other people’s experience with them. Do not forget that every business has a negative review or two. Compare the number of negative reviews with the number of positive ones to determine whether they are worth working with. Do not forget to see if they have any complaints filed on the BBB website. This will help you determine if they treat their customers fairly. Reviewing their testimonials allows you to see what they do best. Even though they probably only post the most pleasing ones, they can help you understand the things they do best.

Consider their schedule

The best paving contractors will book jobs quickly, especially during the busiest season. It is essential to consider a contractor’s schedule before hiring them for a job. If their schedule is wide open and they are cool with starting your job tomorrow, you might consider looking elsewhere. On the other hand, you should be ready to practice a certain amount of patience to work with the best of the best. Do not get frustrated if the company is booked out for months because that means they are great at what they do. Wait for them if you can, but if your needs are urgent, you might consider a different company for the time being. Then, in the future, you can plan better and contact them in the off-season or months before you need their services. Also, any good paving company will be able to provide you with an estimated date of starting and completing the job, even if it is months down the road. If a contractor cannot give you an estimated date, they likely are not the company for the job.

These are just a few of the things to consider when hiring a sealcoating company to maintain your asphalt surfaces. Contact us today for more information on sealcoating in Riverbank, CA.

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