10 Fun Facts About Asphalt Paving

10 Fun Facts About Asphalt Paving

10 Fun Facts About Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is durable and versatile. It covers residential driveways, roads, and parking lots that you drive on nearly every day. But most people outside of the paving industry know very little about it. We are sure there are things you don’t know about asphalt, like the fact that asphalt manufacturers usually create zero wastewater. So, our experts on asphalt installation, repairs, and sealcoating in Galt, CA, offer you some more exciting facts about asphalt that most people do not know.

Recycle, reduce, reuse

We are sure that most of you had no idea that asphalt is the most recycled material in America. Moreover, the paving industry recycles asphalt materials at a rate of over 99%, keeping America's pavement from taking up precious space in landfills and making roadway construction cheaper for taxpayers.


Asphalt is great for keeping things quiet. Highways that use asphalt materials can reduce noise levels by three to five decibels compared with highways featuring noise barriers. This can make things much more tranquil and peaceful for people who live close to heavily traveled routes.

You’ve got gas

Asphalt paving’s smooth quality makes a big difference in fuel consumption. Your vehicle will get better gas mileage on asphalt’s smooth surface than when you drive on many other paving materials. With rising gas prices globally, this is hugely beneficial.

Asphalt has many names

You might hear asphalt paving referred to by a variety of titles. For example, it is occasionally referred to as tarmac, blacktop, macadam, and bitumen.

Natural and synthetic?

Asphalt is both a naturally occurring and refined form of petroleum.

Beam me up, Scotty!

A Scottish gentleman named John McAdam perfected mixing stone and sand with tar to create hard roadway surfaces in the early 1800s. His discovery is also why you might hear asphalt referred to as macadam.

Lean on me

Asphalt production also leads to the recycling of various other materials. The asphalt recycling process includes recycling materials like metal casting, used tires, and roofing shingles. This makes asphalt a great material that helps make our world more sustainable. For example, the recycling of shingles alone leaves far more landfill space for waste that we cannot reuse.

Money, money, money, money

In the early 1990s, the asphalt industry spent billions of dollars to produce asphalt, and harmful emissions were extremely high. However, technological advances in the industry have made asphalt production much less expensive and better for the environment saving everyone money in the long run.

Life is a highway

Most people have no idea that there are about 2.3 million miles of paved roadways in the US alone. On top of that, more than 90% of them are paved with asphalt.

Back to the future

Asphalt’s earliest use goes back to the 13th century when indigenous populations utilized the material for ceremonial items and building tools.

We hope you had as much fun reading these facts about asphalt as we did writing them. Contact M Carroll Black Top Service if you need asphalt installation, repairs, or sealcoating in Galt, CA. We have the experience and expertise to do the job right every time. Call us now!

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