Why Your Church Parking Lot Needs to be Sealcoated

Why Your Church Parking Lot Needs to be Sealcoated

Why Your Church Parking Lot Needs to be Sealcoated

Sealcoating your church parking lot will help protect your asphalt investment from vehicle fluid leaks and exposure to harmful weather elements like UV rays, ice, snow, and heavy rains.

Sealcoating in Austin, TX, helps protect the asphalt binder’s adhesive qualities from being compromised and breaking down to cause asphalt failure. As a result, avoiding premature wear on your paved surface is cost-effective, protecting each square foot of paving for just a few cents.

Understanding asphalt integrity

Asphalt is made up of binders that hold the mixture together like glue and aggregates or crushed stone to provide the strength to withstand heavy vehicle traffic. The sun's UV rays work to break binding materials down over time. The breaking down of these binding materials designed to hold together the crushed stone allows moisture to penetrate spaces within the asphalt surface, affecting the integrity of the pavement through the expansion and contraction caused by water intrusion. You will notice this process when your church parking lot begins to fade from rich black color to one of many shades of gray. In addition, potholes and cracks will start to develop once this process causes the binder materials to weaken to the point of releasing their bond to aggregates within the asphalt structure.

Failing to seal your asphalt surfaces makes them prone to the oxidation process that dries out and deteriorates the binders used to ensure asphalt integrity. This oxidation will cause your paved surface to lose its flexible nature and allow the development of small cracks. In addition, the penetration of chemicals, water, or many other substances will cause rapid progression of the binder’s deterioration.

How sealcoating helps

On the other hand, sealcoating asphalt surfaces can halt the expansion of weather-related damage, including water penetration and oxidation processes. Without proper sealcoating, ultraviolet rays from the sun will continually dry out and harden the asphalt surface, leading to erosion and raveling that will compromise the integrity of your church’s parking area in a few years. Sealcoating will extend the life of your asphalt surface and avoid the need for early resurfacing or repaving, which can be extremely costly. It also improves the appearance of your parking lot, giving your congregation and visitor’s the impression that you care about the church’s outward appearance.

Cars and trucks experience leaks, and those leaks will often find their way onto your asphalt parking lot. Sealcoating maintenance can ensure that leaks like this do not compromise the integrity of your parking lot surfaces. In addition, a professional asphalt paving contractor can help you develop a parking lot maintenance plan to fit your individual needs and budget to ensure the longest life for your church parking lot.

Do not be fooled by contractors claiming that your parking lot should be sealcoated yearly. Sealcoating asphalt surfaces too often can cause serious problems. Sealcoating application is recommended within 90 days to a year of initial asphalt installation and once every two to three years after that, depending upon traffic patterns and weather exposure.

Contact us today for further information on sealcoating in Austin, TX. Our family-owned and operated paving company has the integrity and experience to keep your church parking lot looking great and functioning properly.

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