What You Need to Know about Sealcoating in Stockton CA

What You Need to Know about Sealcoating in Stockton CA

What You Need to Know about Sealcoating in Stockton CA

Asphalt surfaces come with some maintenance and upkeep that needs to be done to keep it in optimal shape over its lifespan.  Without these maintenance tasks, your asphalt will be left vulnerable to weather, sunshine, heavy traffic, and water damage.  However, when you perform routine preventative maintenance, like sealcoating in Stockton, CA, you can save your asphalt from unnecessary repairs and early replacements.  These are a few things that you should know about sealcoating and how it is done.

Sealcoating is A Liquid

Sealcoating is made of an oil-based polymer that is mixed with sand and a silica compound.  When this mixture is created, it becomes a liquid that is applied with either a squeegee or a spray.  Because it dries and becomes a solid, many people are surprised to learn that it is a liquid when it first starts.  It is not until they see it being applied that they know it is a liquid,

Sealcoating Saves You Money

When you perform routine sealcoating, you can protect your asphalt against premature damage.  Sealcoating is made of a durable layer that binds to your existing asphalt, providing protection against everything from UV exposure, water damage, heavy traffic, and weather.  Asphalt is susceptible to wear-and-tear damage, but sealcoating will lengthen its lifespan by over half when it is done on a routine basis.

Sealcoating Looks Great

Many people may hear about the protective benefits of sealcoating, but they do not know that it is also a quick way to improve the entire appearance of your pavement.  When you invest in sealcoating, you improve the entire look of your asphalt.  This will actually make it look brand new once again, as it will appear smooth, sleek, and black.

Sealcoating Requires You to Clean First

To get the best results from your sealcoating job, you need to remove all dirt, debris, and contaminants from the surface.  It may be a good idea to pressure wash, broom, or hose down your asphalt before you perform this service.  By cleaning the surface, you allow the sealcoating materials to bind to the top of the asphalt, which offers the ultimate protection.  Without prior cleaning, this layer will not bind correctly, and it may eventually cause issues.

Sealcoating Is a Quick Job

Many businesses love that sealcoating is a quick and easy job.  When done correctly, you can drive on a freshly done asphalt roughly 18-36 hours after the job is complete, depending on the weather circumstances.  When your area is dry and hot, it will dry much quicker, which will allow you to drive on these surfaces closer to 18 hours later.

These are a few facts about sealcoating in Stockton, CA that you should understand before you pave your surfaces with asphalt.  Asphalt is one of the most popular paving materials because of its affordability and appearance.  Without upkeep like sealcoating, however, asphalt can deteriorate faster than it should.  Contact the experts at M Carroll Blacktop to hear about our paving and sealcoating services today.

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