What Causes Asphalt Damage?

What Causes Asphalt Damage?

What Causes Asphalt Damage?

Are you wondering why your asphalt looks cracked or damage?  Are you looking for ways to prevent damages to your asphalt?  General wear and tear is natural, but there are still a few things that you can do to prevent damages from some things.  As a company that specializes in sealcoating in Austin, TX, we know what to do to prevent damages to your pavement.  Before you understand how to prevent damages, you should first know the main causes of asphalt damage.

Heavy Traffic

Although asphalt is a strong and durable material, you want to be cautious of extremely heavy loads.  This can cause cracking or chipping to occur, and it can be made worse by severe hot and cold temperatures.  To avoid this damage, consider alternative routes for your delivery trucks or maintenance vehicles when you can.

UV Exposure

The sun can cause harm to your asphalt by degrading the binding principles that keep the granules of your asphalt sticking together.  Sealcoating your surface on a routine basis is the best way to prevent damages from UV exposure, and this is especially important if you live in a sunny state.

Tree Roots

Even if you do not spot any roots or trees nearby when you pave your parking lot, you may notice that cracks are appearing in a certain area a few years later.  When this occurs, you should consider removing any nearby trees or large shrubs that could be causing this issue to occur.  Although this may be difficult to prevent, you may even want to remove these trees before you even invest in a paved surface.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat can cause softening, pitting, or melting of your asphalt, especially if a car turns its wheels on freshly paved surfaces.  Bruising is also common during the hottest days of the summer, and it will just make a small imprint on the surface of the asphalt.  This issue doesn’t damage the structure of your pavement, but it just creates a small and permanent imprint.

Pooling Water and Poor Drainage

When water does not drain properly away from your driveway or parking lot, it can seep into the structure underneath and compromise the integrity of the asphalt.  When you see standing water, brush these issues off with a broom to prevent them from sitting there for a long period of time.  If you notice that a puddle forms in the same spot each time it rains, you might want to contact a professional to come out and inspect the issue.

These are some of the main causes that contribute to asphalt damage that may require you to repair your asphalt sooner than expected.  By taking preventative measures, you can avoid some of the damages to your asphalt surfaces, road, and parking lots.  Contact M Carroll Blacktop to have a free estimate on your sealcoating in Austin, TX today.

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