Weather Conditions and Sealcoating Services

Weather Conditions and Sealcoating Services

Weather Conditions and Sealcoating Services

The method of spreading a protective coating to asphalt pavements, otherwise understood as sealcoating, is influenced by temperature and other climate conditions. Therefore, determining the best time to conduct a sealcoating project demands a straightforward comprehension of how elements such as cloud cover, wind, sunlight, humidity, and temperature play a part in the drying and curing procedure of sealcoat

Sealcoating contractors consider the weather when approaching a sealcoating job to provide customers with an enduring, high-quality finished outcome. However, it's expensive to sealcoat in less-than-ideal circumstances that can command company capital and time.

How does the weather affect sealcoating?

Climate situations help decide how fast sealcoat material dries and cures and how sufficiently the material sticks to the pavement. Exceptional climate circumstances are required for successful sealcoating, and sealcoating specialists evaluate rainfall, sunlight, temperature, and humidity before initiating a sealcoat assignment. Awareness of how pavement surface temperature affects the concluded outcome makes it more manageable for you to organize a sealcoating undertaking and get the most satisfactory result imaginable.

When is the best time for sealcoating?

The most suitable time of year for sealcoating differs from place to place. This is because sealcoating pavement relies on two main elements, precipitation, and temperature. Therefore, the most promising time to sealcoat blacktop is when temperatures are hot- 70 degrees and up, cloudless conditions, and lacking humidity. Ideally, it can be challenging to incorporate these circumstances when you need your asphalt coated. However, finding a day that meets cloudless and dry circumstances will increase your odds of appropriate curing and drying.

Sealcoating experts evaluate what days a client desires to have their sealcoating undertaking accomplished and climate circumstances to organize a time for the job that carries the best probabilities of the longest-lasting protection. For instance, if the weather forecast calls for precipitation within 24 hours of sealcoat application, or even if rainfall fell the evening before the task, most experts will not try to sealcoat a surface because moisture will discourage appropriate drying.
The optimal temperature spectrum for sealcoating in San Antonio, TX, is between 55 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The superior temperature starts around 70 degrees Fahrenheit at daybreak and increases throughout the afternoon. Therefore, the surface and atmosphere temperature must be no colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit to discourage increased drying time and affect the performance of the finished coating. In addition, air must be no cooler than 55 degrees Fahrenheit at any point within 24 hours of spreading the sealcoat material. In most cases, a warmer temperature is superior in the drying period for sealcoating.

Can you apply sealcoating during the winter months?

In many places in the United States, the answer to this query is no. Please do not seal coat asphalt in the winter. There are some exceptions to the direction as southern states can occasionally sustain more elevated temperatures during the winter months.

What temperature is too cold for sealcoating?

It is too frigid to spread a sealcoat to asphalt if the temperature is lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The final product can undergo separating and peeling if low temperatures plunge below freezing while the coating dries because the moisture in the seal coat material could freeze.

Can temperatures be too high for sealcoating?

Muggy conditions can impact the integrity of sealcoating, just like frigid temperatures. Temperatures exceeding 95 degrees can bake the sealcoat before it appropriately attaches to the pavement. In addition, the binder used in most sealcoating can liquefy at temperatures beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To sidestep problems, consistently choose a skilled sealcoating contractor with the background to understand how to deal with sealcoating in San Antonio, TX.

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