Understanding Potholes and Other Asphalt Damages

Understanding Potholes and Other Asphalt Damages

Understanding Potholes and Other Asphalt Damages

Potholes in your parking lot can cause accidents, injuries, and damages to pedestrians or vehicles visiting your facilities. Therefore, any asphalt deterioration, including potholes, should be repaired by a professional asphalt paving company as quickly as possible to avoid liability claims and further damages to your asphalt surfaces.

Hiring a company specializing in paving in Walnut Grove, CA, is vital if you own or manage a facility with a large commercial parking lot with damaged pavement. Professional asphalt paving companies offer many services, including asphalt surface repairs, asphalt surface removal, and asphalt surface restructuring.

Repairs vs. repaving

While asphalt paving companies specialize in asphalt repairs, if more than 25 percent of your asphalt surface needs repair, it is often more economical to repave your parking lot surface. Seek the advice of a reputable local asphalt repair service representative to determine the best course of action for your damaged parking lot.

Comprehensive asphalt services

Finding a specialized asphalt paving company that handles all your asphalt paving needs ensures that you have a partner who can handle every aspect of the process, including initial installation, repairs, sealcoating, and line striping. These are services that you will need in your commercial parking lot during the life of your business.

Asphalt maintenance

Regular inspections and asphalt pavement maintenance are required to keep it in proper working order. Asphalt will eventually show distinct signs of wear from chemical penetration, water infiltration, and oxidation without proper sealcoating maintenance. Potholes, pavement depressions, and cracks are symptoms of severe asphalt failure but can be avoided with regular sealcoating.

Pothole development

Deterioration of the asphalt surface eventually leads to the formation of potholes. These damages usually start when hairline cracks develop on asphalt surfaces due to weather exposure like heavy rain or the hot California sun. If these cracks are not repaired early, water will infiltrate the area and cause them to develop into large potholes.

Water accumulating inside an existing pothole will cause continued damage that eventually causes extensive problems with the substrate. Once the substrate has been undermined, expensive asphalt repairs are unavoidable.

Pothole hazards

Potholes pose hazards to vehicles and people. For example, pedestrians can suffer accidental falls that lead to injuries, while potholes can damage a vehicle's suspension and tires from driving over them. Situations like these can lead to avoidable liability claims that cost you time and money whether you settle in or out of court.

Structural failure

If your parking lot was not designed to withstand the weight of heavy loads, it might require repairs due to the lack of being structurally sound. It is not uncommon for the initial design and installation of asphalt to fail to consider the weight of garbage trucks or frequent deliveries from heavily loaded trucks. In addition, if your pavement has areas where the asphalt surface is profoundly depressed or raised higher than other surfaces, it will require reconstruction from the base level.

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