The Importance of Using a Licensed and Insured Paving Contractor

The Importance of Using a Licensed and Insured Paving Contractor

The Importance of Using a Licensed and Insured Paving Contractor

Enlisting the services of a licensed and insured paving contractor for parking lot maintenance, including resealing, resurfacing, and restriping, is a sound financial decision. Asphalt paving professionals will use the highest quality materials, guarantee your satisfaction, and comply with local codes and laws about parking lots and commercial improvement projects.

A freshly striped commercial parking lot can draw attention to your business. But, there are not many things worse than discovering that you ace heavy fines for completing a parking lot improvement project without the proper work permits. Therefore, always assume that permits are required for asphalt paving and maintenance projects unless you are one hundred percent sure you can do the work without one. Most areas in California have strict permit requirements for commercial asphalt paving projects.

Reduce stress

For property owners and managers, hiring a professional paving contractor with vast experience and the right equipment and materials to complete the job in a professional and timely manner can reduce anxiety and stress related to parking lot improvement and maintenance. In addition, applying for construction permits and researching code requirements can be complicated and time-consuming for outsiders to the asphalt industry. A professional partnership with a local asphalt paving company can guarantee that any local code requirements and permits are obtained before your project is underway.

Peace of mind

You can find peace of mind knowing that licensed and insured paving contractors will not risk the investment they have made in the licensing and insurance process. Always research a paving company’s references, be sure that they carry the required insurance, and ask about proof of licensing. It is also necessary to talk to them about their familiarity with state and local permit requirements and government regulations. And do not forget, hiring an unlicensed contractor is unlawful, even if you forgot to ask for proof.


Nearly every city has different permit requirements, expectations, and needs. This makes it imperative to work with a paving company that has experience with commercial paving services in your area. Experienced asphalt paving companies know the requirements for all aspects of asphalt paving, maintenance, repairs, and restriping services to ensure that your investment is protected and the job is done right the first time. They will work closely with local officials to secure all permits and follow all requirements so that you are delighted with their services.


Asphalt paving in Amador City, CA, does not need to be a hassle for you. Our licensed, experienced full-service paving company has the resources required to efficiently, effectively, and economically handle all of your asphalt needs. Every paving contractor should provide a walk-through of your property to determine your individual conditions and needs to prevent any expensive surprises. Then, they should provide a written proposal covering all aspects of the job at hand, including safety and building codes, cost, and a plan to meet your individual paving needs.

Contact us today for more information on asphalt paving in Amador City, CA. Our asphalt paving company has over 45 years in the industry and can provide you with the peace of mind and performance that your company deserves.

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