The Best Time of Day for Starting a Sealcoating Project

The Best Time of Day for Starting a Sealcoating Project

The Best Time of Day for Starting a Sealcoating Project

Sealcoating a driveway is vital for ensuring that it's protected from the elements, resists stains from oil and other vehicle fluids, and retains its dark black appearance. However, homeowners often wonder when the best time of day is to go out and get started if they are trying to seal coat their driveway on their own. If you are considering sealcoating your driveway sometime soon, our experts have some great recommendations.

There's no issue with the time of day for beginning sealcoating in Austin, TX, if the ground temperature is 50 degrees or more. The critical thing to keep in mind is that your sealcoat will need plenty of time to dry, and you probably don't want to be out slaving in the heat while the sun is at its brightest point and temperatures are sweltering. We recommend beginning your sealcoating project around 10 a.m. With this time of day, moisture in the air is starting to fade, and it is not scorching hot outside. It is possible to start your project earlier in the morning. But why go out and start working so early when you can give yourself some time to sleep in on your day off.

But really, there's no reason that you have to seal coat during the day. Many professional sealcoating business owners prefer to wait until sundown to start the sealcoating project. Working at night is OK, as long as the ground temperature is warm enough. Contractors can work through the night to seal a parking lot without being exposed to hot temperatures. Sealing at night ensures lower traffic flow so that the contractor’s machinery won't disrupt traffic. This practice also allows the pavement time to dry before cars start parking on the asphalt again.

Other things to consider

Besides just the time of day when you're considering sealcoating your driveway, there are other things to think about. Experts recommend that you keep these points in the back of your mind before you start working.

  • Dryness

A driveway needs to be completely dry before you can successfully seal coat your pavement surface. Moisture left on the surface of asphalt can ruin the project and leave you with a poorly sealed driveway. So if you're even remotely considering trying to seal your wet driveway, you might as well not do it. That's how vital dryness is for sealcoating.

  • Traffic

Sealant must have at least 24 hours to dry before you drive on it or park your cars on it. The need for no vehicle contact on the freshly applied sealcoat makes it essential to make sure everyone in the family parks on the street for the day following the completed project.

  • Weather conditions

Weather can play a significant role in the paving industry. In addition to needing the perfect temperature, you can't have any rain at all in the forecast if you're planning on sealing a driveway. So as a general rule, you should make an effort to ensure that the driveway will have at least three rain-free days after application.

If you're anxious, nervous, or inexperienced, then you may want to reconsider sealing your driveway on your own. Seeking the expertise of a qualified sealcoating professional can take all of the guesswork out of sealcoating and guarantee that you will end up with a job well done.

M. Carroll Blacktop Services is here to help with sealcoating in Austin, TX. With over 45 years of experience in the paving industry, our family-owned and operated company can meet all of your paving needs.

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