Six Parking Lot Maintenance Tips to Follow

Six Parking Lot Maintenance Tips to Follow

Six Parking Lot Maintenance Tips to Follow

Do you want to keep your parking lot in great shape for longer?  Are you concerned with the state of your parking lot?  As a business owner, you need to also take care of any maintenance to keep your parking lot in great shape over the years.  This involves performing routine care to these surfaces as a part of your monthly business maintenance.  By accounting for this maintenance in your monthly tasks, you will be more likely to keep up with these jobs.  These are a few tips to follow when it comes to maintaining your parking lot.

Fill Potholes

One of the best ways to prevent accidents or trips and falls in your parking lot is to fill any noticeable potholes.  By patching these potholes, you can prevent anyone from falling into these holes or ruining their vehicle when they drive around your business.  Also, potholes create eyesores that will only decrease the curb appeal of your business, so you will want to fill these immediately.

Perform Sealcoating

Sealcoating is another great way to protect your asphalt surfaces from the effects of the weather and sunshine.  Over time, these elements can deteriorate your asphalt, so you will want to protect it with a layer of sealcoating.  This should be done every year or two depending on the level of traffic on your parking lot over the year.

Resurface When Necessary

Sometimes, you may need to repave the entire parking lot in order to restore its function and appearance.  This may happen roughly 10-12 years into your pavement’s lifespan, as this is how long it should last.  When you need to repave, trust the experts in asphalt paving in Oakdale, CA to help you with this process and create a long-lasting, quality surface.

Maintain Landscaping

This may sound strange, but it is also important to maintain your landscaping around your pavement so that trees and large shrubs do not destroy the quality of your asphalt.  For example, you need to remove any large trees that are growing too close to the pavement, as the roots may cause interior damage to the structure of your asphalt.

Clean Up Oil Stains

Before oil becomes a permanent stain, you should pay attention to these issues so that you can remove them quickly.  For example, if a truck sits on your pavement and has an oil leak, you will need to pressure wash these surfaces quickly so that you can remove any issues before they become stains.

Ensure Proper Drainage

If you notice any pooling water, you also need to take the time to ensure you have proper drainage on your parking lot.  Pooling and puddling water can be an issue that deteriorates the asphalt over time, so you want to prevent this from occurring by implementing proper drainage.

These are tips to follow to keep your parking lot in great condition over the years.  By performing preventative maintenance and following up with asphalt paving in Oakdale, CA, you can have an attractive parking lot for many years.  Contact M Carroll Blacktop to hear about our paving and repair services today.

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